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    Posted October 22, 2012 by

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    I think the pictures above say it all!

    I have recently written to many Marine parks to ask why they don't put the Orca's and Dolphin's back into the wild... Their answers were pretty much the same - 'they would not survive in the wild - they don't know how to hunt for food' ..well what a load of crap that is. The truth is these mammals are born hunters and as soon as they went back into the ocean their instinct would kick in - it has merely been suspended while they live in captivity!
    There have been many return's to the wild all of which have been very successful.
    Another answer i regularly receive is that we take extreme care of our mammals - again i can prove this wrong, we have an Orca in Sea world San Diego with substantial damage on he chin area, we have Kiska the Orca at Marineland with a bleeding tail - since June-July of this year and she is still bleeding in her small pool. We have a depressed Orca named Lolita in a very small pool - they all need their freedom NOW before it's too late!

    The only thing these marine parks care about is there profit margin - the mammals they have are irrelevant as seen in these pictures , why, because they can always steal more from our oceans. In my opinion stealing dolphins and whales from the oceans should be illegal and should be treated as a criminal offense with the highest penalties to be paid!
    These amazing creatures are all part of our ocean's eco-system and the more we take and murder - the more we kill our oceans.
    I see stories of Sea-Lions in America being brutally abused and murdered for eating salmon ???? this really drove me crazy - we not only kill but we are now stopping them from eating their natural food? when will all this crazy - insane cruelty towards our wildlife STOP. Man is destroying everything in his path and someday nothing will be left.
    The bottom line people is we all have to avoid going to marine parks and swimming with dolphin programs, as this is the cause of all the cruelty we are seeing on a daily basis.
    I for one am sick and tired of the whole industry along with thousands of others and every day we are educating people on the insane cruelties of the captive industry.
    If you buy a ticket to these parks then you are directly responsible for helping in the senseless slaughter of thousands of dolphins and whales every year - the dolphins you claim to love.
    If you love dolphins and whales then stop going to these parks and stand up for them - they have no voice - we are their voice. These cetaceans are very intelligent - they have feelings just like us - they have very strong family bonds - just like us - and they feel depressed just like us. imagine for a moment if someone took you from your life and made you live in a small room full of mirrors - you would go insane - well that's whats happening to these magnificent creatures you love so much.
    No to captivity period!
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