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    Posted October 23, 2012 by
    Muntinlupa City, Philippines
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    Final presidential debate: Unanswered questions

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    About My Questions Regarding Syria


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Sergiom originally asked a question about Syria and chemical weapons. He felt that President Obama won the debate because 'he’s the incumbent one. Romney’s past role as governor didn’t provide him enough grasp of foreign-policy issues. Obama was quite strong in showing to the viewers that his current policies with regards to China and the Middle East are on the right track.'
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer


    My questions about Syria were something like these: What should be the immediate response of the US in case the Assad regime starts using chemical weapons against the Syrian people? Do you think that the US should directly arm the Syrian rebels? Those questions were addressed to both Mr. Romney and Pres. Obama.

    I believe that my second question about Syria was answered. Romney is in favor of directly arming the Syrian rebels provided that the US would set up a “governing council” that would lead the armed resistance against the Assad regime in Syria. Romney wants such council to be directly guided by the US to ensure that the heavy weapons that America would provide to the armed opposition in Syria will not fall into the hands of extremist and terrorist groups who want to hijack the Syrian Uprising. Obama is in favor of working closely with the key allies of the US in the Middle East region in trying to liberate the Syrian people from the oppressive Assad regime. Obama wants caution in supporting the armed opposition in Syria to ensure that the Syrian Uprising would not fall into the hands of Radical Islamists. Obama wants such key allies of the US in the Middle East region to help in shouldering certain responsibilities of arming the Syrian rebels and in providing other forms of assistance to such insurgents. Obama wants to ensure that US assistance to the Syrian rebels would be properly checked so that extremist groups will not be able to hijack such uprising. Obama also believes that sanctions against Syria would hasten the fall of the Assad regime. He implies that the US can arm such rebels provided that the weapons are not high-powered, and that the US allies in the Middle East region would do their fair share in assisting the armed opposition in Syria.

    Romney is for active US participation in the setting up of a governing council in Syria that would replace the Assad regime, while Obama wants the US to also actively help in the humanitarian efforts of helping the Syrian refugees. I think Obama is also for the setting up of a ‘governing council’ in Syria, except that he believes the key allies of the US in the region would also help in the setting up of such council. Obama wants careful US assistance to the Syrian rebels in order to avoid the possibility of such conflict becoming a regional one.

    My additional question about US advocacy of a “no-fly zone” was somehow also answered by both of the candidates. Romney doesn’t want the US to get involved directly in a military confrontation against the Assad regimes. Obama also is not in favor of US military intervention in Syria. Hence, both Romney and Obama aren’t seemingly in favor of advocating a ‘no-fly zone” in Syria at the moment since they’re waiting for the international community to come up with a clear stance regarding such imposition on Syria.

    But my inquiry regarding the issue of arsenals of chemical weapons in Syria wasn’t answered. I hope both the Romney and Obama camps would soon come out with a clear policy on how the US will handle a situation wherein such arsenals of chemical weapons will be used by the Assad regime against the Syrian people. I also hope that both Romney and Obama will create a clear plan on how to secure such arsenals of chemical weapons in Syria, so that such weapons will not fall into the hands of extremist and terrorist groups.

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