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    Posted October 23, 2012 by
    Iron Mountain, Michigan
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    Final presidential debate: Unanswered questions

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    What about Foreign Policy?


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Independent voter DaElmersBack says he would give Romney an A+ and Obama a D for their performance in the last presidential debate. He voted for Obama in 2008 and says he regrets the decision. 'Romney answered these questions one by one, I believe everything he had to say. I believe he can do a better job,' he said.
    - zdan, CNN iReport producer

    I would give Mitt Romney an A+ and Obama maybe a D for this final debate. I felt as though President Obama didn't answer many of the questions directed towards him, many times he referred to the UN sanctions and what other countries are doing. He said world order is at a all new high. I felt as if he didn't answer the questions directly enough, almost relying on others for an escape.


    The deficit.. Now that got me very agitated! It is President Obama who got us this high into debt in the first, NOW he has a plan to get us out? I hope it is less costly that his first 4 years. He never really talks about his own plan, he just points out that he doesn't what Mitt Romney's plan is. Now while many American's don't know either, we DO know what Obama did the last 4 years by doubling the national debt.. I sure hope this isn't the plan he talks about that is working, because I don't believe it is.


    As being part of the Patriot Guard Riders I have been part of a couple of funerals for our soldiers. It hurt me when President Obama spoke of "It was worth moving Heaven & Earth to get Osama.." For how many years did we lose troops in Iraq and Afghanistan? How many years did we spend looking for this man in 2 countries where he wasn't? Was it really worth all these US losses for the death of one man that was with our "allies" the whole time? No it wasn't "worth" it.. No soldiers life is worth Osama's, not one! I recently learned about the homeless soldiers all across the country, even in my own home town.. or how about the increase of suicides of soldiers coming home.. Obama said he cares, I think the last 4 years show the true picture.These issues are not being dealt with.


    Lastly, China.. Did Obama actually even answer that question? Real vague answers if anything. When Obama said trading had doubled, I wonder from where has it doubled? Did it go from 5% to 10%? I feel like Mitt answered this question very well too, just as he did for all the other questions in this final debate. Instead of answering, he went after Mitt about investing in companies that have moved there.  He didn't answer, he simply moved the subject.


    Over all I believe Mitt came out on top as he stayed focused and answered the questions. I thought it was funny that towards the ending, President Obama said he thought it was his turn. He said Mitt had enough floor time already, but actually the time clock showed the president had actually talked more. I didn't like the many stabs he took towards Romney when he should have been talking about Foreign Policy. That brings us back to the title of this report.


    What about Foreign Policy?


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