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    Manhattan, New York
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    Final presidential debate: Unanswered questions

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    2012 Presidential Debate Analysis


    While most said, this presidential debate will not have much impact and is not going to change the voters decision, it turned out proving wrong. The President tried to make a point that he knows what he is doing and Governor Romney was keen on highlighting the mistakes that happened in Obama's Presidency.


    Governor Romney was very aggressive in the first debate. Governor Romney was accusing the President about the increasing debt, slowing down economy. The President was actually listening and making notes on the accusations assuming Governor Romney was making heedlessness statements. The world took it a different way. You can be a great listener, but you have to step up against accusations that are meaningless. If that does not happen, it means you are accepting the mistakes. There were statements where Governor Romney was changing his stance on the Trillion Dollar Deficit Plan and how he is envisioning it. None delivered a severe blow to the other in the debate, but it was President's quietness and non-aggressiveness declared Governor Romney as the winner of the first debate.


    The second debate went as everyone thought. The President was expected to do more homework and come back with a bang and the President did flawlessly. He was very aggressive, collected and very thoughtful in the statements he made. Whether it was about the pension plan or the Benghazi attack, the President was very mindful. President's aggressive counter attack cost Governor Romney's winning streak. The President was very clear this time that he has to make rightful statements to make the people believe in him. Governor's Romney strategy on accusing the President did not work this time as he has to detail out his plans on improving the economy. The debate spurred the heat and both candidates had to urge their goals and proceed forward.There was not a clear winner this time. But Governor Romney failed to take on the momentum he had in the first debate.


    The third debate was off big hype as both these candidates had to deliver what they are/will be planing to do if they take over the presidency. Both the candidates showed aggressiveness but the President showed his leadership and decision making skills in succeeding vital situations. Whether it was taking down Bin Laden without asking Pakistan to enter their country or the trade wars with China, Mr President was very thoughtful and exhibited inherent leadership qualities in explaining how he tackled the complex situations. The President sounded like he could handle the foreign policy situations better than Governor Romney. The debate did mattered in the final one which proved the President saved the auto industry, made wise decisions in pulling back the troops from Iraq, knocked down Bin Laden. Both candidates left the scene with a characteristic attribute.


    No one can assure who is going to win, but Governor Romney's failure to make a big impact might cost him losing to President Barack Obama in a close margin.

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