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    Posted October 24, 2012 by
    Grandview, Missouri
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    I was raised republican. I have a lot of republican views. I would like smaller government and fiscal responsibility. I'm a veteran and I believe in a strong military. Unfortunately we have too much debt. Cutting government alone won't solve it. Revenue will have to be raised. Everyone is at fault - both sides. I hate that everyone blames everyone else, but the fact is that every elected official is complicit. If you have voted since LBJ you are also involved. Every President/Congress since has borrowed against Social Security and other "Lock Boxes" - and every one has spent more money than the last.
    Years ago, I began to feel disowned by my party as this debt didn't start in '08. (not that it isn't getting worse).
    The straw that broke the camel's back for me was the rise of the religious right. The neo-fascist christians are determined to bring their religious interpretations to public policy and it drove me away. I don't want an Iranian Churchocracy here. I don't think Billy Graham should have to be consulted to develop policy for 300 million Americans of mixed backgrounds. That mix is our strength. It's why we win. I can never support that christian parade. Just like blacks died for the Amercian Revolution without ever getting recognition, Jews and Muslims have died for this country too. They have a right to their voice (and earned it too).
    So now, involved in wars, with a historic economic downturn, and high unemployment - we have to argue about abortion, gay marriage, and other religious issues. It feels like a shell game, watch us fight emotionally on subjects that the federal government probably shouldn't be involved in, while attracting big money for campaigns, and spending more money than we have.
    I really feel we need the Bull Moose party to come back. We need politicians that are out for the greater good of the country not partisan politics.
    Obama seemed like the 'guy' to do it, but he has been a big disappointment. He hasn't changed Bush policies, he has expanded government, played to special interest, and most damning, failed to achieve compromise. (which is also not entirely his fault, but that's what happens when you're on top, it's all your responsibility.)
    Essentially, I'm tired of all of them. They are all exactly the same - useless. I'd elect my garbage man gladly. He's nice, thinks about issues, and knows how to work hard and compromise to get the job done.
    I wasn't going to vote at all this year. Nothing seems to make any difference and my choices are always bad. Until Todd Akin. Now I'm going just to vote against him. How sad is that?
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