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    Posted October 24, 2012 by
    NOXAPATER, Mississippi
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    Why are you an independent?

    Why I Am Voting Gary Johnson

    I used to be a Democrat. I used to be an Obama supporter. I used to go by the notion that seems to plague the USA these days. That notion is "supporting the group that has no shot at winning is wasteful". Then I had a revelation. My revelation was that supporting what you DON'T believe in is wasteful. While I like what Obama says, I don't believe him. He said that if he didn't fix the mess W. left in one term, it would be a "one-term proposition". Well, nothing is fixed and here he is running again. He can sure give a speech, but no, he has none of my support. I took a quiz to see where I fall on the political continuum. My answer was Libertarian. I have come to embrace that. I took the isidewith.com quiz and found that I agree with Gary Johnson on 86% of his positions. It made me think, "Who is this guy?" So, I looked him up and lo' and behold, the quiz was right. I am a full-on Johnson supporter. You guys can label us "undecided", "Independent", "other", or whatever else you want to call us. We know who we are. I also feel that you do "third-party" candidates an injustice by not including their voices. You support a broken two-party system that will fail time and time again. People are waking up, guys. It's time for you to wake up as well. C-SPAN has woken up. They broadcast the Free and Equal Debate. The next one is Tuesday, October 30, 2012. You should cover it. Another reason I fully support Gov. Johnson is because of the CPD. I know you are aware of their policies on how to be included in their "debates". Be on enough ballots to get 270 and get 15% of 5 major national polls. Simple, right? Wrong. It's tough for a candidate to get 15% of anything they aren't even included on. How many of the polls the CPD monitors included Gary Johnson throughout the election year? Guess what...the CPD doesn't even have to tell what polls they look at. So, why am I "independent"? Because I believe in Gary Johnson. I believe in freedom. I believe in Living Free. I also believe in righting the wrongs done to "third party" candidates. So, whether you want to disregard me as a "wasteful voter" or not is your choice. The only wasted votes are the one's cast on candidates you don't believe in and the ones not cast. Thank you.
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