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    Posted September 15, 2008 by
    Louisville, Kentucky
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    Hurricane Ike

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    Hurricane Ike Hits Indiana and the Ohio Valley

    We had been watching the hurricane coverage with great intensity since we have family in the southeast texas area, we never thought about what would happen next. This morning at about 10:30 the winds from Ike assailed us up here in the Ohio Valley They came in hard and fast leaving a wake of distruction behind them. We saw countless trees down and blocked roads, when we arrived home I found one of our trees uprooted and laying within inches to our power supply lines. We saw two men removing a piece of plywood the hood of the auto that was blown there while driving downtown in Madison Indiana As you look at the Ohio river you will see white caps of waves, the river flows south the whitecaps are headed north it is if the wind was strong it was pushing the river opposite the flow The power has been knocked out in over 44,000 homes in the Southern Indiana area and over 234,000 in the Louisville Ky area just south from us.They have no estimate of when it will be returned some are saying 72 hours but we heard on the news tonight in some areas it may take a week. The gas stations with power in our area have run out of gas so we sit and wait it out. We heard on the radio the police in the town next to us,New Albany Indiana, are arresting people out on the roads after curfew. I am working from laptop tied into a power adapter off our minivan cigarette light.I have two extension cords run off the adapter. This the first my computer and has run by miles to gallon. We have enough power to run the TV and fan I had to turn the fan to make this report so it would not overload the power supply.The cable is still working and we see nothing about our troubles on national news. I have include some pics of the towns of Madison, Charlestown, and Jeffersonville Indiana. Update: 6:03 PM: The Day After : 9/15/09 Still no power: I got the generator running today so we have power to the fridge and small appliances. I took my old generator down to the lawnmower guy, he had the spare parts in his knoodle of cabinets from years of lawnmower repairs. I blew all the fuses to the cigarette lighters in the autos trying to run to much for the house needs.It worked great for a while but now we are running hot! The generator has a 1/2 gallon tank I was refilling every 1 hour so I rigged a fuel line suppy off 5 gallon can. I felt like McGuyver! I was walking around the house like Tom Hanks in Castaway when he finally made fire. The office is open with full power and my office manager is still taking calls so don't let it keep you all from placing your orders. I am tending the home,my four children, wife and all her family. We are sitting downstairs waiting for the next word from the news stations in Louisville KY. What we just heard has us was that it could be a week before the power comes back on. They said the new amount of lines down was 5300 and new count on powerless was at 550,000, they did restore som 25,000 today. I will keep this updated. I am back, it is 7:05 pm 9/16/08 The power is still out but we are hanging in there.We are thankful we were not hit worse after seeing the photos of the Gulf Coast. It seems like all the attention is focused on Galveston, the small towns of Lousiana and up the Sabine Pass are being ignored. Hackberry LA is 30 miles inland and 30 miles form the Texas border,it was flooded by the storm surge. We are with you all in spirit and you will be in our prayers. Lake Charles LA our former home has been swamped again When we lived on the Gulf Coast we traveled and worked in every small town from the Texas border to just short of Grand ile LA. We call them all friends ,cause when you sit at a Cajuns table it is an honor they do not give thier friendship lightly, it is earned. I remember the old timers telling how thier house faired whenAudrey came through in 1957,they showed me how high the water was on thier homes, thier homes are gone now Katrina took care of that. The town of Cameron LA was wiped out in '57 and was wiped out again by Katrina, It once more has been wiped out by Ike.It has taken a piece of my heart with it. I loved that little town. It had the best boudin and tasso in the south. My heart bleeds for my adopted state and the Cajun folk who accepted me and my family into thier lives. We laughed together lived together, fought together (each other sometimes)and loved together. This world could use some of the Southern Hospitality you only find......in the South! I look at two of my children that were born in Lake Charles and remember hitting every bayou crossing from Boones Corner to the Diggstown bridge looking for them big blue crabs. I drift off and the feel of the salt air in my nostrils the humidity wrapping me like a glove, the peaceful sound of water lapping and my feet, only to be awakend by the sound of the generator humming on my back porch. You can leave the south but the south never leaves you. I am back again it is 8:30 PM 9/17/08. Still no power but we saw the energy company crews walking the neighborhood looking for downed lines this was encouraging. Generator is running strong but will not pull both freezer and fridge, spent the day cleaning out the freezer, made some deer sausage with all the defrosted meat I have about 10 lbs of sausage, wish I could help the needy but the local food banks will not accept wild meat,I guess I better start eating. I learned to make sausage while in the south, heck I learned to cook down there, thats what them Cajuns do best they take nothin and make something spicy and filled with flavor out of it. You ever tried an alligator sauce picane... ooohhh or a shrimp ettouffee ? If you have not perhaps it is time, your tongue will beat your mouth to death trying to eat it ! Ahhh..sweet memories.. I hope my southern friends are doing well, things dont look so good down there. My uncle in Beaumont said they will not go back for two weeks or more so we do not know much. I will keep you posted. Please stop by our website for your flooring needs.Remember free shipping to all affected by the hurricane no matter what state you are in, This report was brought to you by : Indiana Floors LLC *www.IndianaFloorsLLC.com
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