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    After being held captive in the killing cove overnight, 15 pilot whales were murdered this morning. 14 large adult pilot whales were brutally slaughtered for meat and 1 baby pilot whale drowned after struggling in the nets...her mother was near her and witnessed her struggle. She remained at that side of the cove grieving for hours after.

    The remaining pod of approximately 80-90 remains captive in the cove for a second night and is scheduled to be slaughtered in the morning. These whales witnessed their family members killed one by one and were forced to swim in their blood after the slaughter...now they await their own fate. everyday the fishermen set off to hunt for dolphins an whales,we understand they believe this is in the name of pest contol, but as this atrocity has been played out for years its clear this is not the case.humans are the largest consumers of fish,not the whales an dolphins.
    they have continually tried to hide there secrets,tarps pulled down round the butcher house,as the meat arrives for resale,the blood can be seen pouring from the butcherhouse an flows right back into the sea.
    we as a planet must take the steps toward making this stop,
    melissa sehgal,the on ground leader for sea shepherds cove guardians fronts the live stream for us,shining a light on the abhorrent acts towards these creatures.
    petitions an groups are in place to help in public awareness,but something more impacting needs to be done,i believe if cnn did show this,i think it would reach those further.we all live together on this planet so we should all being doing what we can to keep it going.
    dolphins an whales are so intelliegent an its this quality that makes them a commodity to those involved,i expect some of the remaining pod of pilot whales held in the cove,will be moved to harbour pens,to be put through training sessions,an then when seen as fit for work they will then endure hours of being flown to aquariums worldwide.people visitng these places NEED to see the pain an bloodshed that goes hand in hand with taiji.captivity funds the slaughters.
    please watch an share the link for the live stream.it makes for shocking viewing.http://taiji.ezearth.tv/

    taiji dolphin&whale support group,petitions,updates an pictures are all here for sharing https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/527832063900286/?fref=ts

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