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    Rage Shooting Factors



    Rage shooting factors are similar to suicide factors, suicide factors that increase the risk of suicide, rage shooting factors increase the risk of rage shootings.

    Rights and Freedoms

    Documenting rage shooting factors similar to suicide factors is about prevention and understanding the cause of these, and prevention is about protecting our rights and freedoms, and the right to bear arms.


    Stereotypes and Discrimination, the Cause of Rage Shootings a "deranged person" or "mental illness" - (news flash)
    Rage Shooting Factors : "The cause of another rage shooting has been said to be "a deranged person" or "mental illness" again. Why does the news not say that the cause of the rage shooting was "an enraged person", people might ask "why was he enraged?"?". It seems to be often used as an explanation when it really isn't one.

    Repression and the Marc Lepine Stereotype Theory - (news flash)
    The mob is repressing targeted citizens through different strategies, pushing targeted citizen to homelessness, smear campaigns, inflicting serious illness and cancer, and by pushing people to violence. Any resulting violence is used to repress and incarcerate them, rage shootings are used to advocate a defenseless population. The Marc Lepine terrible crime stands out, the cause was explained to women, since many were killed, through a stereotype, an Arab father. Stereotype, Arabs abuse and repress women. -- The media focused on an Arab father, sociologists focused on homelessness.

    Beauty Queen, Rampage (possible stereotype "she was drunk")
    "she was drunk" is not an explanation for what happened or why she was fighting with two people.


    The term "deranged person", a stereotype, is often used as an explanation on the news for rampages and rage shootings, and several years later the cause is said to be bullying, mobbing, workplace psychological harassment, or some other cause but these conclusions are not in the media's spot light.

    Abuse Strategy

    According to Marie-France Hirigoyen psychiatrist the intent of many emotional    abusers is to systematically "destabilize" and confuse their victims    (with irrational, threatening behavior that preys on the victim's fears    and self-doubts), to isolate and control them and ultimately to  destroy   their identity, and often emotional abuse builds over a long  period of   time until it becomes so unbearable that victims lash out in   frustration  and anger aka hitting back, only to appear unstable and   aggressive  themselves, which could be linked to or the cause of rage   shooting and  rampages.

    Often, emotional abuse builds over a long period of time until it    becomes so unbearable that victims lash out in frustration and anger,    only to appear unstable and aggressive themselves. -- This, according to Hirigoyen, is the intent of many abusers: to    systematically "destabilize" and confuse their victims (with irrational,    threatening behavior that preys on the victim's fears and   self-doubts),  to isolate and control them and ultimately to destroy   their identity. -- psychiatrist Marie-France Hirigoyen, author of Le harcèlement moral

    Video Illustrations

    These video movie scene clips illustrate the cause of rampages and rage shootings.

    Damage, Provocation, Rampage


    Smear Campaign, Homelessness, Rampage, and Suicide

    Financial Loss, Rage Shooting


    Strategy Illustration

    Pushing people to violence consist of abuse or inflicting a damage, financial loss, homelessness, smear campaign and criminal record, serious illness and cancer, fear linked to honor and repetitive humiliation, and using provocation to push people to aggressiveness, looking deranged or enraged, or violence. Any resulting violence is used to repress the targeted citizen and any rage shooting is used to advocating gun control, a defenseless population, which makes citizen more vulnerable to abuse, hidden abuse, or subjugation through organized crime.

    Rage Shooting Factors

    A Abuse - abuse is linked to many of the following rage shooting factors.

    S Spousal Abuse or Jealousy - there have been several cases where spousal abuse or jealousy were linked to murder and rage shootings.

    R Rejection - rejection can register as pain to the brain and can be linked to personal relationships, spousal abuse, and murder or rage shootings.

    H Humiliation - humiliation and repetitive humiliation have been identified as some of the main factors for retaliation linked to bullying, rampages, and rage shootings.

    F Financial Loss - there have been several cases of rampages or rage shootings linked to financial loss.

    H Homelessness - there have been several cases of homelessness being linked to rampages or homelessness, and possible retaliation for being homeless.

    T Trapped or Cornered - feeling trapped or corned can be linked to rampages or rage shootings, being pushed to homelessness or on the edge of homelessness, the loss of employment, bullying, and mobbing.

    E Employment Loss - there have been several rage shootings following employment loss.

    W Workplace Psychological Harassment - workplace psychological harassment can be linked to repetitive humiliation, loss of employment, financial loss, feeling trapped or corned, bullying, mobbing, emotional abuse, and strategy.

    B Bullying - victims of bullying have been linked to repetitive humiliation, rampages, and rage shootings.

    M Mobbing - victims of mobbing are similar to victims of bullying and linked to retaliation.

    C Criminal Harassment - criminal harassment participants and networks use threats, provocation, repetitive humiliation, involved in smear campaigns or allegations of uttering threats.

    S Smear Campaigns - smear campaigns are linked to financial loss, a loss of status or criminal records, mobbing, and attempts to push targeted citizens to homelessness.

    R Retaliation or "Hitting Back" - retaliation is linked to a damage that has been inflicted, financial loss, loss of employment, repetitive humiliation, a loss of honor, smear campaign, pushed to homelessness, inflicting serious illness or cancer.

    R Repression - workplace psychological harassment, employment loss, financial loss, homelessness, smear campaigns, serious illness, are linked to repression.

    S Strategy - emotional abusers use strategy to destabilize targeted citizens so that they lash in anger or rage only to look deranged and aggressive. Aggressiveness, looking deranged, or violent is linked to strategies that involve smear campaigns and repression. Pushing people to anger, rage, and violence is linked to creating justification to repress them and justification for any resulting rage shooting to advocate gun control for a defenseless population.

    P Provocation - provocation, threats, abuse can be linked to rampages and rage shootings. Strategy, using abuse or inflicting a damage and using provocation to push targeted citizens to violence, a rampage, or rage shooting to create justification for repression or gun control.

    S Suicide Factors and Depression - suicide factors and depression have been linked to murder and terrible crimes.

    P PTSD - victims of PTSD claim that they have thoughts of suicide and become a threat to themselves and others.

    Hidden Causes

    The main hidden causes of rage shootings are linked to repression, repressing targeted citizens through poverty, bankruptcy, financial loss, the loss of employment, eliminating a person's means of subsistence, and repressing people through homelessness.

    H Homelessness is used to circumvent the rights and freedoms modern wealthy countries claim their citizens have, their charter of rights and freedoms that prevent "oppressive laws". It is used to make convictions easier, reduce the defendant's ability to defend themselves, control the defense of a defendant through participants, to prevent lawsuits, to prevent the exposure of human rights violations, coercion and subjugation, to "clean" wrong doing, .. ,

    C Criminal Harassment participants and networks are using abuse or inflicting damages that they then use in provocation as the video illustrates.

    One example is repetitive humiliation, through threats, fear and honor, "you're scared"; technology such as HSS or LRAD to target a person in their own home linked to criminal harassment provocation, threats, and high levels of sleep deprivation, and powerful radar technology, a repetitive assault weapon linked to deadly cancer on a long term and painful death. -- One suspected hidden cause is the use of cancer causing technology, powerful radar and radiation technology that is focused on the shin bone, bone marrow damage linked to leukemia; the lungs linked to irritating, inflaming, damaging, and scaring the lungs to inflict lung cancer; and the testicles to damage the testicles, destroy testosterone production, the fertility of men, birth defects and possible link to rising cases of autism in children, and degrading themes. -- The powerful radar assaults are linked to attempts to use non-criminal responsibility before trial, a smear campaign that can involve criminal harassment participant allegations of uttering threats, prevent addressing the constitutional issue of circumventing the right to a trial, and civil lawsuits. The targeted citizen cannot function under high levels of sleep deprivation and powerful radar assaults linked to deadly cancer, and these are linked to behavior that is used to justify psychiatric intervention or threats of psychiatric intervention that leads to incarceration during the criminal allegation proceedings, which is linked to costly legal fees, participants and controlling the proceedings, the non-criminal responsibility assessment order before trial.


    H Homelessness

    "Do you know what it feels like to be humiliated  and be impaled upon on  a cross? And left to bleed to death for your  amusement?" - Seung-Hui  Cho

    Seung-Hui Cho's rant seems to be linked to homelessness, "to "starve" citizens, to set examples aka impaled on a cross", degrading and humiliating  targeted citizen.

    Examples of provocation and threats linked to the homelessness weapon to  induce stress and fear "you are going to starve" "you are going to eat  garbage" "the homeless are in the anus, you are in the anus" etc.

    R Rejection can register as Pain to the Brain, Torture


    Rejection registers as pain in the brain, it hurts, and repetitive humiliation can be linked to rejection, pain, pain that creates hate.

    R Repetitive Humiliation


    The Columbine massacre is said links to repetitive humiliation and bullying.

    In  Seung-Hui Cho of Virginia Tech it seems to be linked to bullying and  humiliation linked to his difficulty with the English language.

    Ideation and Influence of the Mind Theory: Repetitive  humiliation is linked to rejection and pain, and creates hate, hate or hating people back needs to be  justified psychologically and I believe that hating people back by  victims of bullying and repetitive humiliation is not only justified by  these, they create more justification for hating back the  tormentors or are led to other ideas to deceive or hide the cause of their actions by those involved in mobbing. In Seung-Hui Cho of Virginia Tech it seems to have been hating rich kids and the Christian religion. In Marc Lepine of Montreal Polytechnique, was it hating women and feminists?

    T Trapped or Cornered

    "You forced me into a corner and gave me only one option." - Seung-Hui Cho


    "it is not for economic reasons (for I have waited until I exhausted all my financial means, even refusing jobs)" - Marc Lepine

    The mob isolates targeted citizens and tries to hide their attacks or activities, such as pushing targeted victims to homelessness. The targeted citizens may believe or be led to believe by mobbing/criminal harassment participants that they will become visible when trapped or cornered by hitting back through terrible crimes or by committing terrible crimes such as a rage shooting.


    "The link between bullying and school violence has attracted increasing attention since the 1999 Columbine High School massacre. That year, two shotgun-wielding students, both of whom had been identified as gifted and who had been bullied for years, killed 13 people, wounded 24, and then committed suicide. A year later an analysis by officials at the U.S. Secret Service of 37 premeditated school shootings found that bullying, which some of the shooters described "in terms that approached torment," played a major role in more than two-thirds of the attacks.[26] It is estimated that about 60-80% of children are bullied at school.[citation needed] Since bullying is mostly ignored, it may provide an important clue in crowd behaviour and passer-by behaviour. Numerous psychologists have been puzzled by the inactivity of crowds in urban centres when crimes occur in crowded places. Many have suggested bullying as one of the reason of this decline in emotional sensitivity and acceptance of violence as normal. When someone is bullied, it is not only the bully and victim who are becoming less sensitive to violence. In most cases, the friends and classmates of the bully and the victim accept the violence as normal."


    Seung-Hui Cho of Virginia Tech, a victim of bullying and repetitive humiliation? - CNN IReport (article link)

    High school classmates say gunman was bullied - MSNBC (article link)


    The deadliest mass shooting in the United States in 2007 may have links to bullying. -- "Long before he killed 32 people in the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, Seung-Hui Cho was bullied by fellow high school students who mocked his shyness and the strange way he talked, former classmates said." -- “As soon as he started reading, the whole class started laughing and pointing and saying, ‘Go back to China,’”


    The whole class started laughing and pointing and saying, 'Go back to China.'" Another classmate, Stephanie Roberts, stated that "there were just some people who were really cruel to him, and they would push him down and laugh at him. He didn't speak English really well, and they would really make fun of him."[27] Cho was also teased as the "trombone kid" for his practice of walking to school alone with his trombone. Other students recall crueler names and that most of the bullying was because he was alone.[28] Christopher Chomchird and Carmen Blandon, former classmates of Cho, stated that they heard rumors of a "hit list" of other students Cho wanted to kill. Blandon stated that she saw the "list" as a joke at the time.[29] While several students recalled instances of Cho being teased and mocked at Westfield, most left him alone and later said they were not aware of his anger.[30][31] Cho graduated from Westfield High School in 2003.[4]


    In 1999, during the spring of Cho's eighth grade year, the Columbine High School massacre made national news. Cho was transfixed by it. "I remember sitting in Spanish class with him, right next to him, and there being something written on his binder to the effect of, you know, ' 'F' you all, I hope you all burn in hell,' which I would assume meant us, the students," said Ben Baldwin, a classmate of Cho.[25] Also, Cho wrote in a school assignment about wanting to "repeat Columbine". The school contacted Cho's sister, who reported the incident to their parents.




    "He was known as a shy child who liked basketball and did well in math. But according to an article in Newsweek magazine, Cho was also bullied by other children, including wealthy members of his church." -- "In between the two sets of attacks, Cho went to the post office to mail a package to NBC News in New York. Received two days after the murders, it contained video clips, photographs of Cho posing with his weapons, and a rambling document. In one of the video clips he rails against rich “brats” and talks about being bullied and picked on; he also attacks Christianity and positioned himself as some type of avenger for the weak and defenseless. Cho even referenced the notorious Columbine school shooters, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold."




    Several years after the Columbine school massacre, it was concluded that those involved were also victims of bullying and repetitive humiliation. -- Seung-Hui Cho of Virginia Tech, a victim of bullying and repetitive humiliation similar to Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold involved in the Columbine massacre?


    Smear Campaign Strategy Illustration, Patterns


    Non-Criminal Responsibility Before Trial, Links to Smear Campaigns - CNN iReport

    I do not know of any other strategy to circumvent charter violations and the right to a fair trial.

    1. Non-Criminal Responsibility before Trial.
    2. Participating Defense Lawyers and Lower Court Judges.
    3. Radiation Technology and Powerful Radar Assaults.
    4.  Police Intervention for taking Protection Measures, Shielding,  Attenuation, Metal, Sea Water, etc, -- which leads to incarceration  during the criminal proceedings and the assessment order for  non-criminal responsibility before trial.

    Pattern Example

    1. radiation technology and powerful radar assaults;
    2. criminal allegations (uttering threats allegation from participants);
    3. insinuations that the defendant is dangerous; (demands that the defendant remain incarcerated for psychological evaluation)
    4. communications interception and surveillance (justification used, uttering threats s.183);
    5. court house participating defense lawyers;
    6.  non-criminal responsibility before trial; no charter violations  presentation at trial and no trial, ignorance used "plead non-criminal  responsible before trial, it is the same as not guilty", shorter assault  period and lower criminal proceeding costs.
    7. police intervention  for behavior linked to radiation technology assaults, which leads to  incarceration during the criminal proceedings and assessment order;
    8.  preventing civil lawsuits to recover the loss from false allegations  through the continued radiation technology and powerful radar assaults;


    Repression  involves eliminating and exhausting the resources of targeted citizen or push them to homelessness, which reduces their ability to defend themselves. Technology is now also used for a similar purpose, sound technology is used for high levels of sleep deprivation, which reduces a targeted citizens ability to function, and powerful radar assaults are used for the same purpose and more serious intentions. These may be linked to "hitting back at society" through violence, rampages, or rage shootings.

    Behavior Illustrations

    Aurora Colo. Massacre, A Blog On The Different Issues - (Blog)


    http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-825190 (2nd Publishing)


    Aurora Colo. my thoughts on the issue.


    When targeted by the  mob and through threats, threats of being poisoned, invasion of privacy  and trespassing, etc. I believe this can lead to the kind of behavior  exhibited by the perpetrator of this crime. Attempts to secure food in  locked containers for example and possible violent deterrents like booby  traps.


    It is similar to the bizarre behavior of victims targeted  with powerful radar from neighboring homes, they attempt to avoid these  or shield themselves from these with metal etc. -- (update July 29) see  the Microwave Radar Technology Research page section Faraday Cage  Upgrade, Feb 6, 2012, Granite and Lead Panels videos to see what I mean  by strange water containers and wires aka sea water faraday cage to attenuate powerful radar, linked to cancer, and focused ultrasound,  linked to sleep deprivation, technologies currently being used by the  mob. "The sea water or sea salt water faraday cage is probably the  cheapest powerful radar attenuation method that I can think of and also  shields from focused ultra sound technology or weapon type.".


    Some clues linked to victims of technology assaults aka radiation technology, powerful radar, and focused ultrasound.

    They will attempt to avoid these or shield themselves from these,  which means they will try to sleep in the park, an alley, metro, under a  bridge, a hotel, etc, even when they have an apartment or home  available to them, which is linked to homelessness.

    They will try to shield themselves from these, which means radar  shielding materials, metal, water, water containers, sea water,  dielectrics, and the current thought is that if they conduct or grounded  they can absorb more of the energy, a faraday cage, which means  grounded with wires or aluminum paper. Grounded directly in the ground  or in an electrical socket. Water containers work best for focused  ultrasound and free. -- The focused ultrasound aka HSS Hypersonic Sound  and LRAD type of technology can be linked to sleep deprivation, which is  linked to the behavior of attempting to sleep some where else but can  also be linked to music, a type of "sleeping machine", and even loud techno music.


    Seventeen Strategies to Circumvent the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms - CNN iReport (article link)




    Citizens  are presented with the believe that they have rights and civil  liberties, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms but they are  circumvented through the use of homelessness, the homelessness weapon.  -- The Police, Criminal Judicial System, and Mob are linked to  eliminating a citizens means of subsistence pre-criminal allegations or  during long delayed criminal proceedings in attempts to make a  conviction or smear campaign easier, mobbing.




    This  one is very controversial, it involves the right to bear arms and the  idea that a well armed population is its best defense against  dictatorship. Here is an example of how this right can be circumvented  to lead to different forms of dictatorships through organized crime.


    Organized  crime uses workplace psychological harassment and criminal harassment  to use homelessness as a weapon and to circumvent the rights of  citizens, which is linked to rage shootings and an interest in abusing  citizens to cause rage shootings, which leads to advocating gun control  and an unarmed or defenseless population. -- Dictatorships have news and  "freedom of the press" too, this is not the deterrent and protection  from dictatorships, a well armed population that can rise up and  overthrow any dictatorship or abusive authorities is. Dictators and  abusive authorities know and fear this, which would be linked to the  incentive of wanting a defenseless population.




    Did Someone Else Write Marc Lepine's Suicide Note and Use a Stereotype, An Arab Father? - CNN iReport (article link)


    "The  Marc Lepine crime at the Montreal Polytech was a terrible one that  involved many victims similar to the mass shooting of Cho a Virginia  Tech. In Cho's case similar to the Columbine massacre the cause may have  been bullying or repetitive humiliation. With Marc Lepine, the mob  targets and eliminates the means of subsistence of those targeted to use  homelessness as a weapon, to circumvent the rights and freedoms that we  have. If this is the case and a suicide note was written to hide the  cause, it would be to advocate gun control and circumvent another right  that the population has, the right to bear arms."


    The stereotype  issue, did Mark Lepine commit this terrible crime to "hit back at  society" and a suicide note written to hide the cause, mobbing, the mob  using homelessness as a weapon, by using a stereotype based on an Arab  father.


    Mobbing Research : Marc Lepine and Rage shooting and Rampages [facebook]


    "Dear Police,
    I  write this suicide note so that you won't have too, I just want  everyone to know that If I commit suicide today or go on a rampage it's  not because my means of subsistence have been eliminated and drained by  the mob who try to pass themselves off as our society, .... it's because  I hate women now .." - A Parody of Suicide Note


    "What I find  strange about Mark Lepine's suicide letter is that he seems to believe  that rage shootings or rampages and suicide are linked to having no more  money or homelessness, which he wanted to make sure we did not believe  was the cause."


    "Would you note that if I commit suicide today  89-12-06 it is not for economic reasons (for I have waited until I  exhausted all my financial means, even refusing jobs) but for political  reasons." - Mark Lepine Suicide Note


    Hitting Back:
    - A man blows up the Oklahoma FBI building, said to be hitting back for the Waco Texas incident;
    - A man fly's a plane into a government building, said to be hitting back for unfair treatment by IRS;
    - A man shoots 4 RCMP members, linked to bankruptcy and repossession;
    - A homeless person snowplows a member of the Police force, linked to homelessness;
    - A man shoots a member of government, ..
    - A man shoots 9 people at his workplace after being fired;
    - A man shoots several women at a Montreal University; claims in a suicide letter that it is not because he has no more finances;
    - The Columbine Massacre, said to be victims of bullying and repetitive humiliation;


    Criminal Harassment Network Routine Example (HSS Hypersonic Sound)

    A  routine example is that I would go to a grocery store when highly sleep  deprived through sound technology (HSS), criminal harassment  participants would mix in with other shoppers and use different forms of  threats and provocation to induce stress and adrenaline, try to stand  directly behind me at the cash register, and interpret the adrenaline  and voice fluctuations as fear, which is linked to fear and honor, and  attempts at repetitive humiliation.

    Criminal Psychological Manipulation Strategy Example (Marie-France Hirigoyen)

    The  mob inflicts a damage on a victim, financial loss, homelessness,   serious illness, etc, and uses this damage in criminal harassment to   provoke and enrage the victim so that they appear unstable, deranged,   and aggressive during criminal judicial proceedings or other events   where this strategy of appearances would be useful.


    Personal Experience

    "My personal experience in Canada is that when it comes to  repression, corruption, and organized crime, which are linked to  population subjugation through organized crime and the need for a  defenseless population the Charter of Rights and Freedoms or any  government institutions like a human rights commission are not what  protects a free society."




    Rage Shooting Factors


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