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    Posted September 15, 2008 by
    Smith Point, Texas
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    Hurricane Ike

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    Smith Point / Galveston / IKE

    My husband Fred, Louis Landry, Jay Prague and Bill Pirsch have been at the point most of the day checking things out. I have also been receiving multiple reports via our phone tree with othersl The news varies from location to location. Please forgive my frankness if some of the damage mentioned is to your or your family/friends homes and this is your first knowledge of it. I will start in our subdivision of Little Baytown. Our house lost the entire bottom floor, including walls furniture, appliances etc. and we have no idea where anything went. No steps either. The Ludlums house has completely disappeared as well as the Heeleys and the Jones's. The Pickett's home was extremely damaged, sitting on pilings at a 45 degree angle, no steps, stairs nor garage left. Dennis Gurlock's home has extensive damage to it-maybe non-repairable. Sally has lost her downstairs and roof=extensive damage. Any enclosed areas downstairs throughout little Baytown were completely lost. Only about 4 people still have stairs. Items are just gone-including refrigerators and other appliances. Dennis's boat is across Hawkins Camp road and Lou has a dead cow in the road.I have heard through the phone tree but not from my husband on the spot, that Spoonbill Park was completely destroyed, Fred tried to get into Hartman subdivision but was unable to do so because the street had a hole in it and debris covered the road. However, he heard from someone at the Point who made it in that Donna and Norman's house was intact for the most part. Unfortunately his next door neighbors house and Joann Brenek's house had extensive damage. There were no other reports on houses in that subdivivision. Texico road to Igrid Subdivision was too flooded to view houses, however, some folks who went by boat said Kenny lost his new pier. Donna Chance and Ricky Weaver's house was reported as intact for the most part. In Southside, Tina Parker reported that Liz and Jamies houses were ok and that her house had an inch of sludge in it but was in tact. Ralph and Dinah Stone and , Richard and Gay Hilman's houses were intact but probably had flooding. McNeir was impassible because of all the debris on it. The debris was stacked up against the Gordy's. The Meeks, Blairs and Gordy's houses were intact but had water damage to about 3 ft in bottom rooms. There were scattered houses throughout Southside that were destroyed but the newer house remained. Down by the Newtons, Ann's house had water damage but was intact. Bill lost everything under the house. No news on the others. Subdivision by Jays house off Fisherman's road: Lois and Garth Woodfin's trailer was intact but had no stairs or trim out. Steve Wilson and the Hoppers both lost their downstairs rooms. Hoppers lost their pier and have lots of debris in their driveway. Pam said she heard that their boat flipped over and landed in their pond. The trailers directly across from them were lost. Royce and Katies house was twisted on the foundation but intact. There are no longer trailers on the property. The Shaws place was flooded even though that did not happen with Carla. The Whitehead's property remained intact. Shannon Nash's place was damaged by a floating propane tank that continuously bounced against the house. Angie and Refugio Cendejas home seems to be intact. The Emergency Management Office indicated that Oak Island was 95% distroyed. Fred indicated that the water has gone down enough to go in but does not recommend anyone coming in right now as there is still high water to traverse and lots of debris on the roads. Talking to the guys who took the trip into Smith Point- IT is really BAD. This is all the info I have for now. Photos are at http://picasaweb.google.com/jjnanderson/SmithPointIke#
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