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    Posted November 2, 2012 by
    Baltimore, Maryland

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    Obama's Accomplishments

    Here it is election time again, Boy that was a fast four years. Elections seem to bring out the worse in people. All this vitriol, two faced, stretching the truth, personal attacks, congress being obstructionist, and just plain upheaval to just cause problems for the now sitting president and us. One minute you hear Obama doesn’t do anything and can’t lead, and then we hear all his policies are wrong. Obama is continuing some of Bush’s policies.
    All ready conservatives bloggers, trying to make this president illegitimate, by saying there is voter fraud, and the voting machines that vote for Romney are showing Obama According to WMD.
    Some people want to know what Obama was able to do in his four-year tenure.

    1. Did finally get Bin Laden, and quite a few of his high operatives.
    2. Did get us out of the Iraqi war and we do have a time line to get out of Afghanistan. Helped Libya to over throw Gadhafi, Help Egypt
    3. Putting sanctions on Iran. Change Gitmo that detainees can’t be held for 8 years. He has been able to lax so much anti-American sediment from around the world. Most of the world really likes our President. Instead of throwing shoes at our President like they did Bush.
    4. Health care for all. Way over due for our people.
    5. Closed the donut hole in Prescription plan and widen private sector insurances coverage. Added contraceptives in private insurance they must cover it. Ending the practice of Medicare from negotiating with drug companies to get cheaper drugs
    6. BP oil spill, Obama secured funds form BP to set money aside to pay people unemployment and to pay people for damages. Never been done before, and the taxpayer did not have to pick up the tab.
    7. Gave small business tax brakes, gave the working credit to people who are working. Slowed down the recession. Cash for Clunkers was a success, to stimulate auto sales, gave tax brake for people buying hybrids.
    8. Gave the biggest infusion of cash to our veterans care, Gave companies tax brakes for hiring our vets when they come home. Opened additional health care centers for veterans. Better body armor for our soldiers. Stopped media black out of our fallen soldiers; it is up to the families. Increased pay and benefits for veterans. No more no-bid contracts for defense.
    9. Gave the biggest infusion of cash to schools. Lowered interest rates for college students. Saved more money for students by cutting out the middleman giving loans.
    10. Change laws for patents to make it easier to be approved.
    11. Stopped china-sending tires, solar panels, to be on our market that would of caused layoffs. Saved the auto industry, help to create a battery company.
    12. Invested in alternative energy.
    13. Gave gay Americans more rights, and he was the first President ever to say he supports equal marriage. Stopped DADT.
    14. He gave the biggest infusion of cash to states to fight illegal immigration.
    15. Sued companies that were behind the housing bubble, and sent that money to the states to help people with failing mortgages or people that was under water, to bad that some states kept the money instead of helping their people. Gave stimulus to states
    16. Gave better credit card protection to consumers.
    17. Extended unemployment more than once to help people, and lowered income to help people be able to get extra help with food stamps, while they were unemployed, really the amount of food stamps was not strong enough.
    18. First President to set up web site to be able to write to him.
    19. Excellent in fast aid to Haiti and hurricane Sandy. Great job by FEMA.
    20. Great on foreign policy. Received a Noble Peace prize, due to the fact of what he thinks of people and talks about peace for all around the world
    21. Increased oil production and made the environment a priority.
    22. Elected the first Latino for the Supreme Court. Changed the law that allows citizens to go to Cuba
    23. Established a New cyber security Office. Obama is a very accessible President, likes to visit the people and listens to their concerns. Obama paid out of his own pocket the redecorating of the white house living quarters.
    24. Established a national performance officer to save government money, also having an in-depended company to slow costs of Medicare. Worked with doctors, pharmaceutical, nurses, health care agencies to help put together our new national health care.
    25. Obama has been trying to help Middle America, the people who had nothing to do with the financial crises. Who have been hit the hardest from the fall out. You don’t put the entire burden on the backs of poor and middle class.
    26. Gave women equal pay.

    This list just a few that Obama has been able to do in these four years despite the
    Upheavals, financial problems, the bickering, the wars, the unemployment, terrorist attacks, environmental crises, crises from around the world, medicine shortages, drought in Midwest causing grain increase to feed the cows and pork, shortage in corn, potatoes to name a few.
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