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    Posted November 2, 2012 by
    Madrid, Spain

    Living an stampede at Madrid Arena


    I don't know really how I can help to give information about what really happened at the Steve´s Aoki concert in Madrid. Therefore, I would like to tell you my own experience there.
    I was in the middle of the floor dance and even before the disaster happened, we couldn't breathe, many people, included us, were suffocated so we tried to leave.
    If I had made this decision 30 seconds before I don't know what could had happened to me. I consider myself lucky because despite being on the middle I could stood up and I wasn’t trampled. I was completely stuck, but luckily I noticed that there was a gap between the typical door and the wall close to me so I tried really hard to get there and breathe. Right after, I saw a college friend who was choking and could not see because someone had thrown her an alcoholic drink to her eyes, she was that stuck that she couldn’t wipe her face. I tried to reach her and I pulled her out of the crowd and brought her close to the wall. With the help of an unknown boy we managed to make a space with our arms in order to let her and another girl breath.
    People climbed the doors trying to breathe, throwing people over the guards to let them out because they were really bad.
    There were people who were on the mass that did not know what was happening and kept pushing, we will seem uncivilized but the only possible way to get out was pushing hard into the opposite direction and cross the mass.
    Luckily we got out and went to warn the security personnel of the area who didn’t let the people get out of there, that there were a bunch of people choking and almost dying so we asked them to let them get out and the response of security personnel was:
    "Shut up, more people has to go inside"
    We shouted that there were people choking and his answer was:
    "Ahhh you shouldn’t have drunk that much"
    And I said: but people are dying
    And he replied: "I know there's a dead girl, do you want to see her eh? “
    To which I answered : so let the SAMUR get inside
    and the guard said to the other:
    “I am going to kick this guy if he doesn’t leave”

    There were no medical personnel inside the compound, the people had to carry their friends in arms and take them to the SAMUR area. A friend who had knowledge of first aid advised a group of people who were trying to woke up a fainted girl to put her head back in order to open her airways. After that she coughed and my friend told them to put her on her side in order to avoid the situation of that girl swallowing her own vomit. Then, the security staff reappeared and pushed my friend saying "get out of here you don’t have any idea, is not like that". They were the ones who had no idea.

    We tried to talk to the police and beg them to do something, but they told us that they did not have any jurisdiction as well as the SAMUR so they could not pass.
    If the capacity was not complete, why a lot of people had a feeling of suffocation from the beginning?
    Security personnel inept, not checked bags, nor asked ID when alcohol was served inside.
    I hope that with this article you will understand the hell I lived and help to prevent a disaster like this.
    Thank you so much for your attention
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