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    Posted November 2, 2012 by
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    Your vision for America

    Common Sense Leadership

    There has been a lot of talk about the role of government, fiscal responsibility, and balancing budgets, but not much in substance. We cannot have a serious debate on fiscal responsibility while we prop up runaway spending on national defense as a sacred cow. We currently spend over 6 times more on over all national defense than any other country on earth. Between the DOD, the Dept. of Homeland Security, and the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, we are spending 800 billion a year on keeping America safe from foreign aggression, while the real threat to our security lies within, In the form of unemployment, high cost of living, and high taxes at all levels of government.
    I propose a shift in our foreign policy that would allow us to lessen the burden on our military and allow for a more reasonable defense budget. I challenge anyone to defend our current defense spending as critical to our safety. If we REALLY need 800 billion dollars a year to keep back the raging barbarians, then I suggest we take a look in the mirror! I also propose trimming the fat off virtually every department of government, program by program, line by line. We HAVE to get our spending under control, and we can NOT afford to have ANY sacred cows in our over blown budget.
    That being said, we do not have to throw out the baby with the bath water. We can still support a modest social net, that protects our most vulnerable citizens, AND keep America as safe as we can be. (No amount of preparation or money will make America 100% safe.)
    The idea that we can bring manufacturing jobs back to America by cutting taxes is a pipe dream. Those jobs aren’t being outsourced because of taxes. They are being outsourced because of wages, and I for one, do not see Americans going back to the days of no minimum wage, job safety, or security. Our only answer is a better educated America that can compete for the jobs that CAN’T be outsourced for 50 cents an hour. That doesn’t just mean white collar workers either. It also includes specialized skill trades. If we’re going to spend any money at all, investing in education is a good bet for this country.
    Finally, there are many things we all disagree about. Issue after issue, from abortion and gay marriage, to drug legalization and prayer in school we argue back forth for years, with no compromise or resolution. I propose we stop concentrating on the issues we can’t come to agreement on and start concentrating on the issues we can: Such as a new tax code, upgrading our infrastructure, and many other issues that most of us agree on. It’s time our politicians starting looking out for the best interests of America and not themselves. Congress needs to be taken to task when important legislation in blocked simply for political gain, and not necessarily because the opponents disagree.
    In short, it's time to put away the political rhetoric and demonization of people who are not politically aligned to us, and start acting like grownups who actually care about the future of this country. No wonder so many eligible voters don't bother to register. They feel like they have no real choice, and I have a hard time blaming them. Between tweedle dee and tweedle dum, it doesn't matter who wins this election, if we don't stop the divisive, bipartisan bickering, and start working on these problems in a serious, adult manner, we are in big trouble!
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