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    Posted November 2, 2012 by
    Warwick, New York
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    Your vision for America

    Raising the national consciousness

    As a musician , we're reminded each time we perform with others that the best opportunity for growth as an individual is connected to the group. I see that as a metaphor for higher consciousness living in our great political divide.
    The music ensemble works when the focus is on the final product, the group, in this case, music. The individual has unlimited growth potential, the opportunity to stand out, but it's always within the context of the whole.
    I think it's entirely possible to consider our lives as Americans that way. We needn't sacrifice identity nor personal liberty just because we're part of a collective. Quite the opposite. It's natural to form families, to nurture offspring and consider the best interests of the family unit without hindering personal character development.
    Why not apply this concept to our political system? It's entirely possible to have a free capitalist system that reward individual effort and achievement and at the same time do so in the context of a collective. A nation, a planet. Consideration for the rights of all Americans, extending help to those temporarily in need and chipping in to build systems that help us in times of struggle are not only in the spirit of this great nation but consistent with natural law.
    We're this amazing orchestra, band or jazz ensemble that offers a basis for individual glory but it will work best when the focus is placed on our common purpose which is to sustain, enhance and think in the interests of a collective.
    Not only do we not lose ourselves in the process, but it would in my view create an environment for individual greatness which has always manifest inspiration , invention and growth.
    It's not about big government. What it is about is realizing that we share more then we take the time to realize .
    The marvelous thing about the musical experience is that it's always true to that concept. The individual is served best when their spirit is focused on the collective outcome. It's what's made great music, and given us remarkable musicians.
    What about it?
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