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    Your vision for America

    My vision for America


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Torch2012 emigrated from China and is a naturalized U.S. citizen.
    - lila, CNN iReport producer

    I became a naturalized citizen almost ten years ago for a number of reasons: America is a land of freedom and opportunity; It is very generous to new comers and people in need; Its founding fathers established a set of rules that were idealistic and built on high moral principles. It is a very resilient country that bounced back from many challenges; Its people are optimistic and forward looking; Its creativity is unparalleled in the history of mankind; It's governed by the rule of law and people of all walks of life have a fair shot at life; It has made many many wonders that other countries can only dream of…… the list goes on and on.

    My best verdict is that I chose to stay in this adopted country to raise my two children. Even from selfish point of view, I’d like to see that America continues to proper and be the world leader. To be honest, America is about the only country in the world that qualifies as the “world police”, to take the two words as a compliment, at least from my personal viewpoint. Having lived in this country for almost twenty years, I have had the opportunities to look at this country, people closely and often times from a different point of view due to my different personal life path.

    My vision for American is that this nation is still the standard bearer for the world. The world looks up to the America for solutions for their own future. I remembered that the ex-Yugoslavia conflicts lasted for years without a resolution to stop the ethnic cleansing until America stepped in, which I praise my adopted country with thumbs up; I also remembered that the Rwanda massacre lasted a long time with the American watched from the sideline without much action, which I deeply disappointed with my thumbs down. My vision for America is that wherever this is a massive injustice, America is willing to roll the sleeves to stand up for the right cause. When America took action for common good instead of self-interest, the world will eventually understand and think that America is a good cop.

    My vision for America is that this nation should be more united than divided. America is very united when it faces external or natural challenges like 911 or Hurricane Sandy. A much more desired state is that it should not wait for an extraordinary event to unite us. We are one nation above all. The partisan bickering in the congress slows the nation to almost a halt. I can only see the partisan congress lost its focus on the common good and looks after primarily their own opinions / interests. If the nation fails, it doesn’t really matter anymore if you are a Democrat or Republican. My vision for America is that the congress members rise to the height the people who elected them expect them to. Eighty percentage of something is better than zero percentage of all. Listen up, the congress, go back to politics 101, COMPROMISE! Focus on the nation’s common challenges! Support your opponents if the policy makes sense for the nation. If you continue to do that, people will remember and sooner or later, the voters will let you have your turn.

    My vision for America is that the nation is not too polarized between the rich and poor. We are a nation of wealth and yet a nation without much proportional social protection. Average American has more worry than those in other industrial nations. If we truly believe that we are one nation, we should not let our own people struggle. I would love to see that American college education expense is more affordable and more young people can finish college. This is a good policy for an educated and skilled workforce, less crime and lost young individuals.

    My vision for America is that a family still means a family where a child can be raised by married parents who are not divorced. With around 50% divorce rate, all American share the responsibilities for the root cause of many social problems. I love to see that the elderly are taken care of and the assisted living house is not the only choice for their end stage of life with so much loneliness. It is a tragedy to see how the elderly pass their final days in their lives. We will be like that someday. Don’t we want someone to accompany us more often?!

    My vision for America is that America can learn to live within their means. We talk often to leave a bright future for our children and grandchildren. I don’t see how bright it is if we tell them that each of them will carry fifty thousand dollars debt before they were even borne. I heard a saying in that the Roman Empire was brought down by itself. I certainly don’t want to see American is crushed by its own irresponsibility.

    My vision for America is that when we say truth nothing but truth really means whole truth not partial selected truth to be used to prove a point. I would love Martin Luther King more if his extramarital affairs were made known just like his legendary “I have a dream” quote. I became to be convinced that an authentic figure is more powerful than a skewed one however great.

    My vision for America is that it continues to pop up new ideas, breakthroughs and wonders in science, technology. The past half century will be remembered in history for its rapid expansion of discoveries and inventions. American should continue to carry the torch and march on.

    America is in the way lucky. We had George Washington, whom I adore very much. In my personal judgment, he was one of only a few in history who came to conquer himself to become a larger than life figure (Nelson Mandela is another). Washington had the statue to stay on power and he didn’t. That precedence (became a law more recently) allowed this nation to avoid power hungry tyrannies seen too often in the world history. Washington’s self-restrain should serve equally well to this nation: Watch out your responsibility when you enjoy your individual freedom.

    With all my hope and vision for America, including my great hope to see all the problems addressed properly, I still choose to naturalize, because next week, I can and will go to vote for leaders at all levels.

    More of my vision for America? Hmmm, the next one is even better!

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