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    Your vision for America

    America First

    My vision for America is an America where we pull our troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq completely. Return them home or to bases in Europe or the Continental US. I want an America where we don't trade a single ounce of freedom for security--it just won't work, you can't do it. President Obama signed many executive orders basically giving him king-like powers over national infrastructure. He sighed the NDAA which permitted the government to declare any American citizen as an illegal combatant and send them to gitmo or worse, and to do so by use of suspicion only. He signed an extension to the so-called "Patriot Act" which gave the government basically UNLIMITED powers to spy on American citizens, conduct warrant-less wiretaps without FISA approval. He basically pulled down the American flag and replaced it with the old Soviet Union flag.

    My vision for America is to stop surveillance of Americans based only on suspicion or innuendo. “Turn in thy neighbor” should no longer be the motto of this nation. Contrary to what the TSA and the Department of Homeland INSECURITY would have you believe—there is NOT a terrorist behind every light pole.

    Contrary to what the federal government would have you believe—The federal government is the single biggest threat to your freedom that exists today in the world…

    You CANNOT trade a single freedom for security—it just WON’T WORK.

    My vision for America is one where the government goes back to the ORIGINAL ROLE our founding fathers intended. One where the government worked FOR the people, where the role of government was truly limited

    My vision is one were we reward businesses for staying in America while placing tariffs on those who decide to relocate overseas to avoid hiring American workers—just make it financially disruptive to their business to move their work off-shore or to Mexico. I would also like to make it financially attractive for businesses to hire American workers by means of certain tax breaks.

    My vision for America is one where the government PROTECTS, DEFENDS and PRESERVES the Constitution of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA against all enemies foreign and domestic.

    My vision for America is to expand the Constitution nationwide through the 14th Amendment and to encourage the expression of Constitutional rights nation wide, to expand and encourage the people of this nation in their Second Amendment rights and to protect those rights and ALL rights enshrined within the Constitution instead of trying to piecemeal them out as we do now--they are whole people, like them or hate them--they are an entire document and you have to accept them as such.

    My vision for America is to repeal the Patriot Act-which truly should have been coined the Repeal the Fourth Amendment Act. My vision for America is to repeal the NDAA, close gitmo completely, totally leave Cuba, shutter the cold war base entirely, withdraw American troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and every other third world nation where they are scattered from here to hell and back, to FORCE the federal government by Congressional act and through law to balance their BUDGET--you spend no more than you take in--PERIOD.

    My vision for America is to stop allowing the United Nations to dictate to the United States of America--were it not for the money paid to the UN by the US, and the troops supplied to the UN by the US—the UN would close its doors--they should be grateful this nation even permits that worthless organization in our country.

    My vision for America is to completely shutter the Federal Reserve/Central bank and to withdraw entirely from the International banking cartel known as the International Monetary Fund. My vision for America would be simple economic policy--by Presidential decree, declare America bankrupt, and all debt null and void and stop permitting the Chinese to buy American debt..the day they come calling this country is finished.

    My vision for America is one where we have a program which permits everyone to go to the school of their choice in exchange for 18 months of public service, at public service wages for their career either in their chosen field or the military upon graduation.

    My vision for America is an America where US Senators and Representatives understand and accept that they WORK FOR THE PEOPLE instead of the other way around. I see an America where, instead of being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for their service—they work for a reasonable wage and that they understand—it is a PRIVILEGE to serve in their capacity as our representatives in Washington—they should act like it and have to live within the same means as other Americans.

    I am a supporter of Ron Paul..

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