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    Your vision for America

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    28, married, with ma and pa

    My vision for America is one where a child urged to go to college like I was by my teachers and family will be able to do so and not graduate at 22 years old and have as much or more debt than a mortgage holder. My vision is for a young adult my age (28) to be able to work a meaningful career (social work for me) and be paid what you are worth, or at least some payback on what was paid for the degree a young person sacrifices to achieve (+$40,000 out the door), not to mention a decent chance at getting a job out of college (couldn't get one for 2 YEARS). My vision is for a young person to be able to buy their FIRST home and have a family rather than be denied by a bank due to insufficient credit history of a spouse or other reason (we DO NOT have BAD credit, my husband has NO credit while my credit score is 720+, a tough thing to do in this economy. We were TOLD by a bank that we COULD NOT AFFORD a $80,000 1800s home with a VA Loan due to not making enough money. What the bank failed to see was that on ONE salary we paid $500+/ month student loans, 2 car payments, credit card payments, insurance, and cell phones, and still had $1600+/ month in income. It was recommended by this BANK for my husband to open at least 3 credit card accounts in the next 12 months if we have any chance at being approved. Rental properties are out for us because we have pets, so it is business as usual living with my parents, as we have for the last 10 years). Young people like us are having to put their dreams are on hold. We have not had children. Our marriage is strained because we cannot have our own space, our own family, or live what we were both taught by our American society is the American dream. Still, I go to work every day and help those less fortunate than myself, those with mental illness to get jobs, housing, food, and transportation, and to recover and be prosperous American citizens. My husband works hard every day with a physically laborious job, as no employer has ever taken his military service (during 9/11) and training seriously. Right now, my vision is bleak. America's economy is a balloon ready to burst. My vision for our economy would be based on ACTUAL prices and not the guessing game of what everyone THINKS something SHOULD be worth today, tomorrow, or 50 years from now. Right now I'm hoping that someone will step up on not just the presidential level, but ALL levels of government, and start to listen to our educated citizens (we DO still have some!) and help out some of us who are working hard every day and are just not able to capture that dream that lies just beyond the reach of the tips of our fingers. Please don't forget about the middle class. We are here. We are the majority of the nation and we need someone to represent us once in a while too. ~ From, Amber, who WILL have a family, a home, and have paid off student loans IN FULL...soon. All other dreams have already been abandoned by this once aspiring veterinarian, FBI agent, author, etc., etc., etc.
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