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    Posted November 3, 2012 by
    Des Moines, Iowa
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    Masterpiece of Art called the USA


    I believe we are all like a point of color on a grand picture. This masterpiece is that of our grand art called the USA. Just like the clouds, this picture is constantly evolving. A really beautiful sunrise or sunset, has various clouds formations in it.
    Sure bad things happen. But why does God allow it? I heard a priest once say that these bad things, or dark color points of a grand picture, are there for a reason. Though, just like after pruning a tree, these branches grow even stronger. Perhaps good comes from bad. Thus this represents the bright new colors of this art. We do not know how God will present this grand picture of the US for the world to see. However, together we may discover something great.
    There are people working in various positions that make up our grand US art. There are the janitors, teachers, car mechanics and others, just to name a few. We are all born with God given talents, no matter how minor they may seem. We all represent a point of color on the grand US (economic) picture.
    This picture cannot have only one color, like that of the rich. It must have many, like that of the lives of everyone. I believe we are all like a point of color on a grand picture. This masterpiece is that of our US economic piece of art. What are your true colors? And be proud of your original dot of life. I believe everyone has purpose in life.
    If you think about the probability that you were born; it may be as high as billions to one. It required your parents to have met, the month you were conceived and that the pregnancy went well, boggles the mind. Is God behind the original "color" of your life? Your unique life adds to this grand picture.
    I believe it will take all Americans, whether you are a Republican, Democrat, TEA party or liberal, to finally solve our economic challenges. I believe it will take "a village" of people with different talents to start and run new "proudly made in the USA" companies. Can an idea from a TEA party person build upon a business concept of a Liberal? I believe this answer is a YES!
    I was at an unemployment support group then I realized, there were enough different talents to start and run new companies. There were those with lots of new ideas (a Liberal) and those who are great with the details (TEA party person). Not to mention there were accountants, sales, IT, HR people, just to name a few. By working together, we may discover huge synergy to create many new jobs.
    There ought to be a new APP developed, so where you enter your career or your talents. Then it matches you with other talents, to make up a team to create new companies. Our answers to our economic challenges can be found no further than the people in that same unemployment line we are in. YES, it will take "a village" of people to finally solve our economic challenges!
    Historically, we have always been a country of compromise. For example, there were debates whether the US Constitution gave too much power to the federal government. There were those who wanted to include individual freedoms. They decided to include the Bill of Rights to reach that compromise. In other words, they kept both arguments to finally ratify the US Constitution. That paper has become the most famous in recent history ever. There were debates of how to design the US flag. There were compromises to how our flag was to be designed throughout history. If we had the partisan government back then as we have today. Our US Constitution and our US flag would have never got past to that of gridlock.
    Finally, this being 500 years after Michelangelo, we should be reminded that all great masterpiece of art, are made up pointes of colors. That perhaps each and every one of us is a point of color, of this ever-changing masterpiece of art called the USA. Many colors are blended together to make 3rd colors of every masterpiece of art. The same happened when there were compromises made for the development of the US Constitution and our US flag. It was a blend of different proposals or colors to make up these grand items that are part of our US DNA.
    Our USA masterpiece of art is forever changing. And every life is like a point of color; where every one of us is important in this great piece of art.
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