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    Posted November 4, 2012 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    Why I Am Voting for Romney


    A couple of months ago a fellow CNN iReport community member, Tak (for short), put out a challenge to all his fellow iReporters to do a  report on why they were voting for a particular presidential candidate  without slamming the other presidential candidates. At the time I  responded to Tak that I would take him up on his challenge.

    On June 28th in my Cornfield Standings,  I came out in support of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.  While I stated I was supporting his bid for the White House, I also  stated that I was leaving my mind open to allow President Barack Obama  to persuade me to stick with him for the next 4 years.

    There  are only 2 days left now until Election Day. With the vote on Tuesday,  time has run out for the President to convince me to move my support  from Romney to him. So today, with the clock ticking, was the time for  me to respond to Tak's challenge.

    As  I stated back in June, I believe that Romney is the best chance to undo  what the US Supreme Court did in finding the Affordable Care Act  constitutional as a tax. There are portions of the law which I do think  are good and commendable, but in totality, the bill is bad legislation.  The Court in its ruling even insinuated as much stating that it was up  to Congress to fix the law and up to voters to decide the wisdom of the  law on November 6. I see a Romney presidency as the best chance to take  out all that is bad and wrong with the law and leave intact only those  measures, what few there are, which are good. I believe that even more  today.

    I  see Romney as being an effective businessman who understands our  capitalist society from the inside. I see him as someone who has built a  business successfully within our American form of economics. As such, I  believe he is best suited to take the nation in the right direction and  to fix what is wrong and improving the economic outlook and viability  for all Americans.

    I  see Romney as a crisis management type of business person who assesses  the situation, looks for the shortcomings, finds the strengths, then  builds on what is beneficial and dumps what is destructive. I believe  from day 1 Romney will make the economy his top priority. I believe he  will look at all the rules, regulations and laws and assess their impact  both negative and positive on the economy and restructure, eliminate or  retain those which will get American business operating at full  capacity.

    I  see Romney as a moderate who will govern from the center. I do not  believe the man who campaigned during the Republican primary season was  the man Romney is politically. I do not see him as an idealogue, but  rather a pragmatist and sales person who surveys the room and plays to  the room to make the sale. Once the sale is made, I believe, he reshapes  the conversation back to his position though the room may not have been  receptive had he made his pitch from that position. Once the sale is  done, then you have the leverage and position to implement your methods  and plans.

    While  I do not agree with many of the stands taken by the Republican Party, I  am not casting a vote for Romney based on party affiliation, but rather  on the record I have researched and observed. That leads me to believe  that Romney will not be held to what is appealing in the short-term, but  will seek to find a solution which be the most beneficial to the nation  in the long run.

    I  believe that on most social issues, where I take exception to the GOP  platform, Romney will be moderate and centrist and keep those issues  where they belong on the back burner and an issue for each individual  state to resolve. I believe that Romney would support states who provide  equality for all state-recognized, commited couples who have pledged to  live as one. I believe that on the issue of abortion, Romney would be  moderate as I am with exceptions for rape, incest and viability of  mother and/or child.

    Yet  these issues, I believe, will not be in the front of the house for  Romney. For Romney the economy, jobs and reigniting confidence and  stability within the business world will be at the forefront which will  jumpstart our economy.

    I  believe Romney will get down to the business of getting business  percolating as it should from the moment he takes office. I believe  Romney will seek to find consensus and common ground. I believe Romney  will not be so rigid that it hurts the country rather than finding a way  to pull the nation together for the common good.

    For these reasons, I am casting my vote on Tuesday for Mitt Romney.

    From the Cornfield, Tak asked and hopefully, I answered his challenge.

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