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    Posted November 5, 2012 by
    Show Low, Arizona
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    Irresponsible Arbor/Rescare

    Irresponsible Arbor/Rescare
    A case of Irresponsibility by Rescare/Arbor
    1. I was the Victim of harassment by a major corporation which is contracted thru the state of AZ. (ResCare/Arbor). While performing volunteer work for a local Massage Therapist, both myself and the Owner of the company, Daris Gibbons, were over a 4 week period, contacted repeatedly by the case worker, Kelly Slebodnick, and informed that the maximum # of hours I was allowed to volunteer was 19, then 25, then 19, then 25. The messages which were left with the owner of the business were quite nasty and the end result was myself being informed that I could no longer volunteer at Pure Therapeutic Bodyworks.
    2. The company lost my medical report several times including the original which has left me without a way to get medical treatment for my partially detached nerve. With pain levels ranging from 7-10 and no way to pay for the testing, which is quite expensive I am left without recourse as many attorneys have no idea how to proceed. I attempted to speak with Arbor/Rescare and they refuse to replace my medical report, they even went so far as to deny that they ever had it or requested it. I have spoken with my original case manager, ex-employee, Natalie Martin and she remembers requesting the report and myself supplying it. She mailed and faxed the document to the main Tucson office to be scanned into the computer and remembers the confusion. Mrs. Martin is currently employed at Summit Regional Medical Facility in Show Low AZ. Her successor Daniel Tafoya also remembers requesting the document and the confusion after I again supplied the report. This leaves me in a position where I cannot get medical treatment for my severed nerve. Drs. will not reissue report W/O retesting (nerve conduction testing @ $30,000.00+).
    3. Arbor/ResCare’s Kelly Slebodnick "unlawfully" sanctioned me during time of great stress and family pain. I provided a police report stating my daughter was a victim of molestation and that I would not be able to volunteer until this matter was resolved. I followed the rules as I was informed by Ms. Slebodnick. She sanctioned me resulting in my cash assistance being cut off, which resulted in great stress for my family at a time of great sorrow and confusion. The judge in the sanction case remarked after the letter and police report were given into evidence that the sanctioning was unlawful and the AZ atty was at a loss as to why we were their. Being an injured worker I relied on cash assistance, as mother pays no C/S, while I attended school for retraining as in the massage therapy field.
    4. During my time with Arbor/Rescare I was required to comply with their rules. I was made aware that I could submit a requisition order for business supplies, well I did on three occasions, and on three occasions they were lost, along with my automobile registration twice.
    5. I was informed by a supervisor/ Kim that she had issued a check to me for purchase of supplies and I should be receiving it soon (08/11) when I followed up a few weeks later I was informed that the check must have been lost and that they would need to wait until it showed up to reissue a new one. However the DES was notified of the issuance and I was in trouble for failing to report income, which I found out from those in my office should never have happened because that type of $ is not counted as income. I later found out from Cricket Grantham, Rescare/Arbor Supervisor that Kim has no authority to, nor has she ever had any, issue checks of any amount. To date I have not been able to get vocational rehab services due to a lack of a Medical report, I have received no funds for business supplies from Arbor/Rescare and I am unable to replace the medical report myself due to medical costs beyond my means. I am attempting to overcome a devastating injury which required me to change careers and lifestyles. I volunteer at the DES office in Show Low for close to 2 years now, not because I am required to, but because I believe that people simply need help. I find it very difficult to ask others for help but I am doing so now.
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I am told by a few attorneys that I simply need someone, an attorney, to write to the company on my behalf. I again cannot afford the fees. White Mtn. Legal aid has informed me that they do not assist single male parents. I have yet to find an attorney who will do what is needed pro bono. I have been told by a few attorneys that they would like to assist me but their is no money in it for them.
    Arbor/Rescare is a multibillion dollar company contracted via the state of AZ to supply services to cash assistance recipients and assist them with finding employment and attaining supplies for work. During my time as a volunteer at the Show Low DES office I have watched several good Rescare employees who received less than adequate training be bullied and either quit due to high stress or be fired by inadequate supervisors because they could not meet unrealistic goals.
    (Do I need to work at McDonald’s or Disney land and request to wear a dress to get help? If I was an illegal alien would I be more worthy of assistance?) Extremely frustrated...was told to contact you Mrs. Grace because you would care.
    Thank you for anything you can do to assist myself and my family.
    Thomas Lucero, age 42
    1451 W. McNeil #D1
    Show Low Az 85901
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