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    Posted November 6, 2012 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    Doing Our Civic Duty - We Voted in Indiana


    Just a short bit ago, Iohn and I made our way to the firehouse a scant 2 blocks away to do our civic duty and vote.

    We  could look out our window and see if there were any lines or a lot of  cars parked in the parking lot. This made planning when to go over much  easier. Around 1:30 we decided to go to the polling station. There were  only 5 people ahead of us waiting to vote.

    The  poll workers were all congenial and smiling. It was an easy process.  Only 2 voting machines were in operation. But then again being in the  Cornfield, we didn't have to worry about the lines with which those in  the urban areas contend.

    It was quick and easy to go through the 7-page ballot. Took less than 5 minutes for each of us.

    Iohn  and I both split our ballot opting to vote for the candidate, not a  party. To us, the person is more important than which party label they  happened to wear.

    For Iohn and I, for the races that really matter, here is how we voted:

    President and Vice President: Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan (Republican)

    Governor and Lieutenant Governor: John Gregg and Vi Simpson (Democrats)

    US Senate: Joe Donnelly (Democrat)

    8th District Congressional District: Larry Buschon (Republican)

    Those  were the main races with which Iohn and I both were concerned. Whether  it makes a difference we won't know until later tonight.

    Indiana  is expected to go Republican this year returning to the fold after a  win by President Barack Obama 4 years ago. The Senate contest is  anyone's guess, but all indications are that Hoosiers will opt to send  Donnelly back to the Capitol as a Senator rather than a Congressman over  Tea Party-backed Richard Mourdock, who kept letting his mouth get in  the way.

    In  the governor's race, Mike Pence is the favored candidate, but we could  not in good conscience vote for him. On social issues he is too rigid  and too far right for us. I know John Gregg from the days I covered him  as a reporter and he was Indiana Speaker of the House. Gregg is a  conservative Democrat. Yes, in Indiana most Democrats are conservative  and would be labeled Republicans in most other states.

    The  8th District has long been known as the "Bloody 8th", but this election  cycle the nastiness and cut-throat politics of the past have not played  out. There's a good probability Buschon will retain his seat over  challenger Dave Crooks.

    The  Senate contest here in the Cornfield could be pivotal in determining  whether Democrats retain control or if the upper chamber goes  Republican. To me the GOP killed their ability to keep the Senate seat  by voting out Dick Lugar and handing the nomination to Mourdock.  Mourdock has proven to be less than stellar as a candidate and not  knowing when to shut up.

    From  the Cornfield, Iohn and I have done our civic duty and won the right to  criticize or praise elected officials over the next 2 to 4 years.

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