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    Posted November 7, 2012 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    Obama wins re-election: Your reaction

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    Obama Wins, But Country, Government Still Deeply Divided


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     k3vsDad told me, 'I see little being accomplished unless both members of Congress and the president finally start talking with one another, find where they can agree and do what is right for we, the people. I am not sure if either Republicans or Democrats will be that willing to compromise. Once elected, we expect our officials to lay aside the party hats and work for all Americans. I am afraid they won’t.'
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer

    Unexpectedly,  the national vote for president was wrapped up early tonight as  President Barack Obama won re-election for another 4-year term.

    Although  the President won, what he did not win was a mandate. The country from  the vote totals still coming in show that the nation's voters are nearly  divided in half. As I do this report, the challenger Republican Mitt  Romney is currently leading in the popular vote while the President is  winning, has won the Electoral College.

    In  Congress, little has changed. Republicans have retained control of the  House of Representatives and the Democrats are keeping the Senate.  Nothing has changed, but some of the faces.

    The question becomes whether either side will be willing to try and find common ground for the good of the nation?

    Will  Republicans move toward the center especially after seeing some of  their Tea Party candidates fall in the general election?

    Will Democrats move toward the center when the nation has voted to keep government divided?

    Will  the President start talking to members of Congress and finding a  solution to the economic morass in which we are still buried?

    The  nation has spoken. We must all respect the outcome as we have always  done throughout most of our country's history. We must heal the wounds  and remember we are all Americans.

    With  the fiscal cliff looming which may send the nation into a deep  recession on January 1, 2013, will Congress and the President find a way  to work together to solve the dilemma and turn the ship of state in a  different direction?

    Or will both sides once more play chicken and take the nation to the brink?

    The  election is over. It is time to take off the partisan hats and get down  to business. Now is not the time to bull up and stand in a corner  holding one's breath. Now is the time to put aside the politics and do  what is right by the people.

    From the Cornfield, I congratulate the President on his re-election. Now, Mr. President lead for all Americans.

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