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    Posted November 7, 2012 by
    seattle, Washington
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    Obama wins re-election: Your reaction

    Head scratcher

    Reaction to the election? Head-scratcher. Much like the POTUS here in this picture. Jobs are worse than when he took office. According to the Economist more than 15% unemployment when you count those who stopped looking. Gas is doubled. Unemployment in Black America is worse than 4 yrs ago. Broken promise upon broken promise from both his campaign and inauguration speech. He promised to cut the deficit in half. It's grown by more than $6 billion. He promised to add jobs; it's taken 4 years to get back to where we were once he took office. He is now caught in a lie about Benghazi: we now know there were multiple live video feeds from State Dept, and CIA, in addition to multiple attacks leading up to 9/11/12.

    I am worried about our future, my kids future. Are there so many of us who drink the kool-aid? We believe the 30 sec soundbytes, outright lies and spin? Suddenly business success and real-world experience in creating jobs is bad? Dorky and cool are even on the radar for what makes a good President? We gave $$ to foreign countries to drill for oil offshore, but cut our own production on public lands and call it "increased oil drilling" here in the U.S.? WSJ reported today and yesterday (11/6 & 11/5) that many businesses are turning to part-time employment to avoid Obamacare requirements because they can't afford them. Main St. store owners are closing doors and laying off workers. U.S. citizens can be indefinitely detained with no charge filed, under executive order.

    Obama himself said if the economy hadn't improved he would have a one-term presidency. In 2006, then-Senator Obama said the fact that they even debated raising the debt ceiling (at that time) was proof of "failed leadership", where the 'buck stops here'. Under his watch, we've raised it and raised it and had the U.S. credit downgraded for the first time since the Great Depression. We've had no budget for 4 years. In his own words, this is unacceptable. Yet the blame is shifted to "Republicans" and "Tea Partiers" for holding the very same positions he himself held 6 yrs ago.

    He himself said the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were paid for "by a credit card". Yet his campaign ads said he would take the "savings" from ending the war and put "half of it" towards paying off the debt from the wars, and half towards building infrastructure, ostensibly to create jobs. Since when do you make $ or save $ by stopping to borrow $? You can't take "half" of what you no longer borrow to "pay down" debt because you had to borrow it in the first place. It's phantom money. It doesn't exist.

    When will get balance our budget, get spending under control, reduce our dependence on foreign money to simply run our own government? Throwing $$ at problems is too simplistic of a solution. Politicians of both stripes cannot be trusted to raise taxes ONLY with spending cuts - when do spending cuts ever happen? There is always some needy cause; always some noble goal that requires more and more spending our children's future and indeed our own present at the rate we have been adding debt. No, if a household must live within a budget based on their means, a nation of households must live within a budget based on their means. Obama famously said there is no White America, Black America, Latino America, etc. to which I would add Mens America, Women's America, and every faith that is out there. Yet his administration is first to characterize us by these divisions, and play off so-called class warfare; and worse is the reality that all of us - all Americans - are worse off now than 4 years ago.

    My heart is sad. Yes, indeed: a head-scratcher.
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