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    Posted November 7, 2012 by

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    Taiji Again worse than ever

    Today a pod of Risso's dolphns were captured and taken into the killing cove . They were a small pod thankfully, but today was one of the worst I have seen yet???
    There was a juvenile dolphin and a mother and calf (calf around 2 months old) ....they took a couple into captivity - killed around 4 or 5 including the mother of the calf.
    After they were done with their evil killing they
    tossed the baby and the juvenile back out to sea!!!!! How heartless can these so called fishermen be - i say so called as they do not fish - Dolphins are not fish they are classed as non-human mammals- warm blooded just like us. Very intelligent beings.
    With no regard for life of any kind they tossed these youngsters back to sea without their mother....at 2 mths old how can this baby survive??? The trauma of seeing her mother butchered by these evil people - she would probably still be suckling and now what - i bet we here of this baby washed up dead soon - i really hope not, but it is a possible reality. Our only hope for this precious one is that another pod adopts her and mothers her back to life - as she really is lost. I am extremely angry that this practice is allowed to continue under the guise of TRADITION in my book this is not tradition as there is whale and dolphin meat in freezers around Japan - tonnes of it - so really it is all about greed and the captive industry once again!
    Please do not buy into the tradition crap as it is only about the money - TRADITION = MURDER !!!
    Captivity kills - do not buy tickets for these shows or for swim with dolphin programs because you are responsible for what is happening right now in Taiji.
    ABC is rumored to be telling today;s story on their evening news around 7 pm - please watch and learn of the HORROR that is Taiji.
    The above picture is mother and baby minutes before her slaughter!
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