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    Posted November 7, 2012 by
    MidAmerica, District of Columbia
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    Obama wins re-election: Your reaction

    Our Current Media Platform

    I realize that our whole country is so interconnected in many ways. I realize that putting people in jail is advantageous to keeping lawyers, judges, and law enforcement officials busy. Therefore, the bad keep the good in business. We have, in America, begun to reverse the thought that the good are in control.
    You may question who has put us in this quandary?
    I believe it has been the media and the platform in which individual mediums choose to operate.
    There was a time when it was a newspaper or newscasters primary objective to give impartial and unbiased reporting. the truth, and only the truth. Now news is about making a buck or should I say many dollars whether the truth wills out or not. A reader can no longer trust a news writer to give the truth of a story. There has become a rule to make sure within every story to weave the paper or newsroom bias into the story in order to sensationalize the story for the public.
    As for the election, the media determines who the readers should vote for and the sheep follow. A 49% tie in the popular vote is not a win for this country. It shows how divided we are. Whose fault is that? It shows the "truth" the media feeds us.
    I used to be proud of news reporters. I am no longer. Your love of money has destroyed what respect I once had for this profession which was a great deal for a long time. Now corruption in your ranks has become rampant and you care not.
    The America we now have is putting the good of us in "prison" while the corrupt rule over us. Feel proud if you can and I am sure you will.
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