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    Posted November 7, 2012 by
    phoenix, Arizona
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    Second Term


    My thoughts as I celebrate Barack Obama’s re-election:


    The closer election day came, the more it felt like a huge asteroid is headed towards us. Thank God, we avoided an impact and in the end we could only feel the wind as it passed us. Now that this is behind us, we can breathe easier. Not for long, though, because there is so much more to do to secure our democracy, our wellbeing and our freedom.


    If the Republican Party does not realize it, somebody needs to tell them that they need to regroup. Focus on ordinary, real people’s worries, concerns, dreams, goals and values. It is not a winning proposition to focus on people’s weaknesses, to induce fears into minds, to play on, and to encourage hatred/hostility. The psychology of the masses is a large body of knowledge based on statistics, historical data and experiments (some quite cruel). Understanding it helps.


    We are not equally susceptible to propaganda. Depending on our psychological makeup and our upbringing, we respond differently. What I see is that Mr. Romney himself was convinced lately that the Right’s propaganda has already penetrated Republican minds deep enough to discount and discredit any voices that contradict it. They have well established “news” sources, talk shows and fanatic preachers who are mitigating any rational critique. This must be the only explanation for his innumerable conflicting statements and, distortions.


    But not all Republicans get equally brainwashed either. The obsessive-compulsive, the emotionally disturbed, the mentally imbalanced are the most acutely touched. Here is a simple example: Bryan is depressed, hates all women, because his wife left him. What he needs is counseling and stress management. A “friend” shows sympathy, but agrees strongly with his views. His fear that the wife will prevent him from seeing their only child is enhanced. His outrage at her advice to live a healthier lifestyle grows as he is told about her being a nagger. (Mind you, he was morbidly obese already.) And so on...To keep his worst fear (the loss of custody) from happening, he uses his gun to kill the wife and the child and then himself. This is a case when malevolent therapy affects the already challenged person. It is a losing proposition. Kindo like drinking vinegar on a sour stomach.


    Rush Limbaugh, himself mentally challenged, is a most damaging presence on the airwaves of America. He gives malevolent therapy to already challenged individuals. Those who listen to his rambling are much more vulnerable than the general populace. Same with Glenn Beck., Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin and who knows how many. These people make a great living by building up fear, hostility and hatred in many who listen. I said, “many”, but not all. And those who listen, especially Republicans should not just change the station, but to combat the degradation of their party’s message.


    Rush has contributed greatly to the distortion of the ideology of the Republican Party. His brainwashing rambles have given rise to extreme elements. He is giving voice to those whose rightful place is in an institution (but funds were cut back, so they are out there scattered). (No, it was not Barack Obama who cut those funds, it was Ronald Reagan.)


    The disservice to the Republican Party by its extreme elements will require clever leadership and creative diplomacy to rebuild the GOP. I for one could not care less, I left it a long time ago with no regrets. I tried the Reform Party too, but that was torpedoed by the Right as well.


    I love the Democrats and for more than a decade I have been active in the Democratic Party. Yesterday the Democrats delivered. Today I celebrate! Tomorrow I will be back at work to strengthen the party that best promotes democracy. Long live Barack Obama and his family. Long live Elizabeth Warren and hers. She too makes me proud.

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