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    November 7th 2012

    Corey Booker the Mayor Of Newark New Jersey is he ready for the big stage 2016 for President of the United States?

    Well here is my opinion on why Cory Booker could be the next Commander In Chief!
    For starters lets look at how government is changing from Old to Young and how the new generation of Voters want to get rid of those who can no longer relate to them and their issues.
    For example to be the leader of the Free World you must be liked, sound mind and understand the people
    as to where you will be surrounded by those with vast knowledge in World Policies!

    We all can remember on how that Barack was attacked on just being a Community Organizer or any knowledge on foreign polices or how to govern. But does that really matter in 2012? Its no different when you hire a CEO to run a corporation his job is to be the head of the company to be the Organizer, the one who who makes the tough decisions, the one who there to make sure everything is run right. But on the other hand he has his staff from his V.P to his Accountant, Lawyers, to the advisers. Well its the same thing as being President of the Free World with a little more complicated decisions.

    If you look at both parties Democrats & Republicans for 2016 who really relates to the new generation of voters. Lets all remember that those who are 14 years old 2012 will be 18 year 2016 to Vote.These are new voters who many may say the young don't vote. The Republicans has only 2 choices for 2016 and from my standpoint will be the Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie(54) and Marco Rubio(44) both energetic, young,up to date on what going on and they are what you consider THE PEOPLE PERSON FOR ALL AMERICAN!

    On The Democratic side Hillary Clinton will be 70 years, Joe Biden will be a young 73, Mayor of Los Angelas Antonio Villaraigosa will be 63 and Andrew Cuomo will be 58 and then there Cory Booker who will be 47 year young. Age will now be a factor of the New Congress sooner then later, and so will people mindset change. As we know notice when running for Commander in Chief of this world the majority of the voters don't want a Dictator or someone who only wants to cater to one set of people.

    You have the Rich,Middle Class and The Poor and the Poor do vote,the poor are never mention when you hear most politicians campaigning. And maybe this is why we need a change from the top on down. There are so many politicians who are wealthy, who came from well to do background,who may have never experience living from day to day to live and that is one reason why the Young New Breed of Politicians will prevail because they can relate to what happening today. Society can no longer look at some politicians 70 years old trying to run a country from the mindset as if we are still living in the 50's OR 60's.

    On why Bill Clinton won was because he was a breath of fresh air, he related to the MTV Audience, he did Arsenio Hall Show playing his Sax that made the American people feel like he Cool, he just like me, he energetic, he likable. He wasn't no stuff suit reminding me of some Principal at a school or someone out of touch with society today. We have to remember this is the world of the young minds who are setting the grounds for everything. Look at Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg he only 28 years old , Jack Dorsey of Twitter he only36 years old and even Bill Gates was young when he created Microsoft at a tender age of 19 along with his partner Paul Allen who was 21. these guys have not only created jobs, they created something we all really can't live with. It obvious that somewhere along the line its time for CHANGE!

    Bring in the New and out with the Old!


    Corey Booker Mayor of Newark New Jersey in his 2nd term

    Booker was born in Washington, D.C., and grew up in the affluent town of Harrington Park, New Jersey, 20 miles (32 km) north of Newark. His parents, Cary Alfred and Carolyn Rose (Jordan) Booker, were among the first black executives at IBM. In 2009, he told US News that he was raised in a religious household, and that he and his family attended a small, African Methodist Episcopal Church, in New Jersey. Booker graduated from Northern Valley Regional High School at Old Tappan and was named to the USA Today All-USA high school football team in 1986.

    Booker went on to Stanford University, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in political science in 1991 and a Master of Arts in sociology the following year. While at Stanford, Booker played varsity football.He also made the All–Pacific Ten Academic team and was elected senior class president. In addition, he ran The Bridge, a student-run crisis hotline and organized help for youth in East Palo Alto, from Stanford students. After Stanford, he was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship to study at the University of Oxford, and obtained an honors degree in U.S. history in 1994 as a member of The Queen's College. Booker received a J.D. in 1997 from Yale Law School, where he operated free legal clinics for low-income residents of New Haven. At Yale, he was a founding member of the Chai Society (now the Eliezer Society). He was also a Big Brother and was active in the National Black Law Students Association. Booker lived in Newark during his final year at Yale.

    After graduation, Booker served as Staff Attorney for the Urban Justice Center in New York and Program Coordinator of the Newark Youth Project.

    In 1998, Booker won an upset victory for a seat on the Newark City Council, defeating four-term incumbent George Branch. To draw attention to the problems of open-air drug dealing and the associated violence, Booker went on a 10-day hunger strike, and lived in a tent and later in a motor home near drug dealing areas of the city. He proposed Council initiatives that impacted housing, young people, law and order and the efficiency and transparency of City Hall, but was regularly outvoted 8–1. He also became an outspoken advocate of education reform.


    2002 Mayoral Election

    In 2002, rather than run for re-election as Councilman, Booker ran for Mayor of Newark. This pitted him against longtime incumbent Sharpe James. In this campaign, James' supporters questioned Booker's suburban background, calling him a carpetbagger who was "not black enough" to understand the city. Booker was defeated 47%–53%.

    After finishing his term as Central Ward Councilman, in 2002 Booker founded Newark Now, a grassroots non-profit organization that connects Newarkers to useful resources and services in order to help transform their communities. In addition, Booker also became a partner at the West Orange law firm – Booker, Rabinowitz, Trenk, Tully, Lubetkin, DiPasquale, and Webster – and a senior fellow at Rutgers University's Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy.

    2006 Mayoral Election

    Booker announced on February 11, 2006, that he would again run for Mayor. Incumbent Mayor James declined to seek a sixth term, and Deputy Mayor Ronald Rice decided to run as well. Booker's campaign outspent Rice's 25 to 1, for which Rice attacked him. As well as raising over $6 million for the race, Booker attacked Rice as a "political crony" of James. Booker won the nonpartisan election of May 9, 2006 with 72% of the vote, with his slate of City Council candidates, known as the "Booker Team," sweeping the Council elections, and giving Booker firm leadership of the city government.


    Mayor of Newark

    Before taking office as Mayor, Booker sued the James administration seeking to terminate cut-rate land deals favoring two redevelopment agencies which were contributors to James' campaigns and which listed James as a member of their advisory boards. Booker argued that the state’s “pay-to-play” laws had been violated and that the land deals would cost the city more than $15 million in lost revenue. Specifically, Booker referenced a parcel on Broad and South streets that would generate only $87,000 under the proposed land deals yet was valued at $3.7 million under then-current market rates. On June 20, 2006, Superior Court Judge Patricia Costello ruled in favor of Booker. In late June 2006, before Booker took office, New Jersey investigators foiled a plot, led by Bloods gang leaders inside four New Jersey state prisons, to assassinate Booker. The motive for the plot was unclear, but was described variously as a response to the acrimonious campaign and to Booker's campaign promises to take a harder line on crime.


    First term

    Booker assumed office as Mayor of Newark on July 1, 2006, and is the third consecutive black person to govern the city since 1970.] After his first week in office, Booker announced a 100-day plan to implement reforms in Newark; some of the proposed changes included: adding police officers, ending background checks for many city jobs (an effort to help former offenders find employment in the city), refurbishing police stations, improving city services, and expanding summer youth programs.

    On October 16, 2006, Booker formally introduced his administration's first adopted Newark City Budget. They approved a $697.1 million budget resulted in an 8.3% increase in the city's property tax, which is one of the largest property tax increases in the city's history. The budget also increased the number of city employees from 3,968 to 4,197. These increases were cited as necessary to fix the structural financial deficit and secure a solid foundation for Newark’s future. Booker pledged to not increase taxes the following year, a promise he kept – the City of Newark did not raise taxes for the following two years. In addition, the City of Newark in 2008 and 2009 received the Government Finance Officers Associations "Distinguished Budget Presentation Award".

    One of Bookers's first priorities was to reduce the city's crime rate, to do so Booker appointed Garry McCarthy, former Deputy Commissioner of Operations of the New York City Police Department, as the director of the Newark Police Department. Public safety in Newark has been overhauled under Director McCarthy’s lead and a new Central Narcotics Division was created as well as a Fugitive Apprehension Unit, which has been responsible for the capture of 11 out of 12 Most Wanted Felons in Newark. In addition, major technological advances have been made to crime-fighting initiatives such as citywide camera and gunshot detection systems. Community-oriented and privately funded programs such as the Crime Stoppers and Gun Stoppers anonymous tip lines have made an important impact in crime prevention and apprehension of criminals in Newark. Crime reduction has been such a central concern to the Booker Administration that Booker, along with his security team, was known to personally patrol the streets of Newark until times as late as 4 a.m.

    Crime has dropped significantly in the city of Newark, which led the nation in violent crime reduction from 2006 to 2008. In those years, crime dropped by the following percentages: murders 36%, shooting incidents 41%, rapes 30%, and auto thefts 26%. In 2008, Newark had its lowest murder rate since 1959. March 2010 marked Newark’s first murder-free month in over 44 years. As of April 1, 2010, the murder rate in Newark was the second best since 1941 and crime rates for aggravated assaults, robberies, carjacking, and shootings were also down for the first quarter compared to 2009. In addition to his crime-lowering initiatives, Booker has both doubled the amount of affordable housing under development and quadrupled the amount under pre-development, and has slashed the city budget deficit from $180 million to $73 million.

    Despite criticisms, Booker has also raised the salaries of many city workers. However, the Booker Administration and the City of Newark imposed one-day-a-month furloughs for all non-uniformed employees from July through December 2010, as well as 2% pay cuts for managers and directors currently earning more than $100,000 a year. Citing the reason for the pay cuts, Booker noted, “In 2006, we took over a city in financial crisis. We have made significant steps to address our financial future and decided that we would not balance the budget on the backs of our residents.” Booker has reduced his own salary twice since taking office, voluntarily reducing his salary by 8% early in his first year as Mayor. None of Booker’s senior managers have received pay increases since taking office.

    Booker’s leadership has attracted approximately $100 million in private philanthropy to the City of Newark and a variety of nonprofits and public/private partnerships have been created and used to better the lives of Newark residents. In April 2008, the Newark Charter School Fund was established to provide grants in support of Newark’s charter schools to support a successful public school system in Newark. The City of Newark also works with GreenSpaces, which has committed $40 million toward the largest park expansion initiative in over a century, with a total of 21 park construction and rehabilitation projects scheduled for completion in every ward by the end of 2010. To support the Newark Police Department, the Newark Police Foundation was established in 2006 and provides funding and other services to the Police Department which has had a significant impact on the NPD’s ability to pay for necessary resources, that would otherwise not be readily funded through the department’s budget.

    In an effort to make government more accessible, Booker's administration has held regular open office hours during which city residents can meet personally with the Mayor to discuss their concerns. Booker is a member of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition, a bi-partisan group with a stated goal of "making the public safer by getting illegal guns off the streets." Booker was honored in October 2009 by the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence with the Sarah Brady Visionary Award for his work in reducing gun violence. He was among the finalists for the 2010 World Mayor prize, ultimately placing seventh. He is a candidate for the 2012 prize.

    In his bid for re-election, Booker faced former Essex County Prosecutor Clifford Minor, Yvonne Garrett Moore, and Mirna White. Booker won re-election on May 11, 2010, winning 59% of the vote.

    Second term

    Booker made news when on December 28, 2010, a constituent used Twitter to ask the Mayor to send someone to her father's house to shovel his driveway because her elderly father, was going to attempt to do it himself. Booker responded by tweeting; "I will do it myself; where does he live?" Other people volunteered, including one person who offered his help on Twitter, and 20 minutes later Booker and some volunteers showed up and shoveled the man's driveway. In 2010, Samepoint released a study that measured the social media influence of Mayors around the country, ranking Booker second Most Social Mayor behind San Francisco's Gavin Newsom.

    On April 12, 2012, Booker saved a woman from a house fire, suffering smoke inhalation and second degree burns on his hands in the process. Newark Fire Chief John Centanni said that Booker's actions possibly saved the woman's life.
    After Hurricane Sandy destroyed much of the shoreline areas of New Jersey and New York in late October 2012, Booker invited Newarkers still without power to eat and sleep in his home.

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