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CNN PRODUCER NOTE     iReporter JodiKaplan decided to brave the nor'easter storm - called Athena by some - that swept over New York City on Wednesday night to attend an art benefit. Her images sweep across the Upper West Side, where she resides, and the Upper East Side, to capture a city once again buffeted by bad weather. "The weather is really challenging. Streets are slippery. Life has come to a halt again with [the storm]," she said. "But at least taxis are available. The drivers told me that they do not have a lot of people to pick up on the streets. Nobody is going outside right now." Our iReporter says resilient New Yorkers are carrying on with life as best as possible, but it's not easy for many. "It feels very weary to have this second storm - like we do not have a break," she said. "There are still a lot of people without heat, electricity. New Yorkers are worn down by this. But at this point everyone wants to push through it." The weather made the party she attended a small, defiant moment. "Everyone was tired of being tired. We all talked about art. Nothing else but art. No politics. No weather. Just art! It was liberating," she said.
- sarahbrowngb, CNN iReport producer

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