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    Obama wins re-election: Your reaction

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    Why Romney Didn't Win My Vote


    There's a lot of analysis of why Romney didn't win, or why Obama did. There are 3 main reasons Romney didn't win my vote.


    1) I never felt like he was speaking to me or my family... other than saying the word "mom" a lot. I never heard him say one thing about how my life would be better or how things I care about would improve. Example: You'll get rid of Obamacare. What will you put in its place. Example: When asked about his stance on equal pay for equal work, he dodged it in a national televised debate. These were huge missed opportunities.Example:  You'll balance the budget and fix the deficit - but increase the military and reduce taxes?  That sounds like it just doesn't add up.


    2) He was hardly ever allowed to be himself. I kind of liked him as Governor and some of his accomplishments there. But he essentially distanced himself from his major achievements under party pressure. Also, he stood behind people who made horrible rape comments. When Sandra Fluke was called a 'slut' by Rush Limbaugh, he didn't stand up for her. When we saw the 'real' Romney, he was dissing 47% of the electorate. Who was the real Romney? I never knew - which left me feeling distrustful of him and his inconsistencies.


    3) Finally, I efel like the GOP has gone off the deep end. I feel it is no longer the party my father became loyal to years ago. What happened to compassionate conservatism? I care about the deficit very much - we need to get that under control - but I am not in favor of voting for a party that wants to do things like redefine rape and legislate religious morality.  They have left the extreme right into the GOP house and they are destroying the place. I am open to a conservative candidate, but not a bully party. I heard a lot of hate from the extreme right and I am NOT interested in having a person in flower subject to the influence of such a group.

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