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    Posted November 9, 2012 by

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    Are we really that different from those who blindly followed Hitler?


    Many are going to be offended by what I'm going to say.


    Many will assume I've either been brainwashed or suffering from hallucinations due to my meds. lol


    Many are going to equate my explanation here as if prophecy was coming true, and I really really really don't mean this to be taken that way.


    But I'm so completely uncomfortable with this.


    As these last days of the election were playing out, it struck me that this was how Hitler rose to power.


    I've seen so many folks, normal everyday people not fanatics, from both sides, completely being taken in by what their candidate had to say.
    Even though what was being said was so obviously a lie.


    It struck me how easy it was for people to lose themselves in a pretty speech.
    For heaven's sake, Pres. Obama received a Nobel Peace Prize for nothing but a pretty speech.


    Even now, many of those who support the President are breathing a sigh of relief from possibility of losing the country to someone they consider almost on the verge of evil, Mitt Romney.
    And many of those who supported Gov. Romney are bracing for the collapse of the country because they consider Pres. Obama. almost on the verge of evil.


    While both sides make excuses for the short comings of their candidate, that's how blinded by "hero worship" many have become.


    Now don't get me wrong...I don't see either the President or Gov. Romney as a great evil man.
    But it really doesn't matter what I see.


    What scares me is if the entire country had this kind of devotion toward one man.


    Are we really that different from the people of the Third Reich?


    What could we be lead into because of this blind devotion?


    What could the world be lead in again over a fanatic devotion to one man? And if you don't believe it's possible in our age, remember...Nobel Peace Prize over a speech!!!


    Where could this all lead?


    World War III?

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