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    Posted November 9, 2012 by
    Ipameri, Brazil

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    I joined the Military Police in 1987.
    Previously, I was a receptionist Board of Businessmen, shopkeepers great entrepreneurs of the state of Goiás - Brazil.
    After 30 days in hospital, under the responsibility of the Military Police, terrible days, I left the hospital, after a night of terror in which I was sedated too much, and could not walk, was flaccid paraplegia due to a karate class, I woke the other day with a doctor examinando.Fui me taken from my room that night and put back the following morning.
    Upon leaving the hospital, was not the same.
    Recovering my movements of the lower limbs, and from there, through a Multidisciplinary Clinic one of the doctors, Dr. Daniel Palmieri, believe it was connected to a fully illicit communication, because "my thoughts" came to be spoken and even discussed by people who were not present in the physical space where I estava.Estas people were monitoring, I had no privacy and suffered abuse of all kinds, without any of them touching me.
    He suffered excruciating pain for days continuously, bleeding of sexual organs and all movement of sexual violence, and introduction of cold metal objects into the openings of my body.
    This is a system of torture not to leave marks and evidence found by the Forensic Institute.
    My family asked me to leave the house, porquen I cried a lot and asked for help, I exorcisaram physicians, and others thought I was crazy.
    To protect the participants in the scheme who were users and abusers, they tried to put me as "insane", "crazy".
    I graduated in law, could not enter the church and get married, I took the right of a human being, and threatened that my father would not have descendants, and I gave him the first male grandchild, and then a girl, I was tortured during and delivery in 08 hours that I did not see my son after a cesariana.Não could complain about that and neither felt than heard, but it would be crazy, and was plotting to take my son.
    I raised my son, then a girl, and continued working, studying, with "much sacrifice and effort," without help, support, and financial conditions, and today my children are grown, with me, and I'm still suffering because of Brazil's judiciary be involved in this system, do not know if by ignorance, cowardice, or be for many users, because this system gives access to the body and mind of the human being.
    This system benefits the crimes as sexual violence, pedophilia and abuse of power, and organ trafficking, all these crimes are possible through this system, a system of torture which my children and I are victims.
    Father God has been suffering and this fellow, encouragement for my pains, body and soul, and I think it's funny to know are the WORLD THAT THERE ARE INVADED AND PRIVACY WHEN SOMEONE HAS POWER ECONOMIC, POLITICAL AND RESOLVE THAT partner and wants to get hold OUR BODIES AND MINDS.
    That is my story, the truth, there is rather a sitema through technology, other apparatus, and who finances the "experience" is certainly not the federal government, but it does not react to such a practice.
    The persecutions are many, but I have several Blogs and news, with surviving economic hardship, because the profile is what matters to the system, and you can read my blog, where I do not mention this fact not to prevent me from continuing to publish.
    outros.Veja and the You Tube videos naly62 UOL and more publications Naly Leite de Araujo.
    Thank you for the opportunity, Naly de Araujo Milk - city Ipameri - Goiás - Brazil.
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