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    Posted November 9, 2012 by
    Dominican Republic
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    New tax reform of the Dominican Republic

    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
    November 10th , 2012

    With new political campaigns that started over a year ago, many promises where made by the presidential candidates to the Dominican people, and so it came down to the polls and on the 20th of May 2012 a new leader was elected in our country.
    This new president, Danilo Medina, an economist, of the same party as the last, whose convincing slogan “HACER LO QUE NUNCA SE HA HECHO,” (for those who don’t speak Spanish it translates: “ TO DO WHAT HAS NEVER BEEN DONE”) gave him the presidential seat, taking over our country on August 2012, in his acceptance speech he made many promises to us, the people, like end corruption, create new jobs and reduce poverty, but sadly none of them where true, except for the his campaign slogan, and not in a good way.

    In the last few weeks the only thing that the nation is talking about is of the government deficit of 187 billion Dominican pesos (approximately 4,675,000 US dollars) made by the outgoing government of Leonel Fernández, that apparently no one new about until the new government announced that they were bankrupted, and to regain the money that had mysteriously disappeared a new tax reform had to be put in place.
    This new tax reform applies to everything, from basic food groups to the payment of the CO2 emissions that your car emits (and there’s no one in the country that measures that).
    This monetary problem has incited protests around the country, leaving one State University student dead of a bullet to the head in hands of the police, whose only crime was to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, since he wasn’t part of the protest that was being held on campus.
    We, the people, continue to asks ourselves, “Since the people didn’t steal the money why should we have to pay?” Despite the efforts made, the tax reform was approved, yesterday in congress without any type of revision or consideration to us.
    In a country were teachers, doctors and the military personnel are greatly under paid, were there is no health care, no organized emergency system, no education, no food, no running water or lights for the less fortunate, less job opportunities, no security in the streets, among other things, the people haven’t lost hope and the pacific protest have continued, but the mockery of the government yet continues, for yesterday the minister of education Josefina Pimentel, decided that her salary of 150 thousand Dominican pesos (approximately3,750 US dollars a month) wasn’t good enough and rose it to 300 thousand
    (approximately 7500 US dollars a month ) were the minimum wage is approximately 175 US dollars. This isn’t all, for the senators and members of congress all get paid around 350 thousand Dominican pesos (approximately 8,750 US dollars a month).
    A simple question comes to our minds, “ Why doesn’t the government cut the exaggerated salaries of its members and take the necessary abstinence in excesive expenses, like luxury vehicles, the paid vacations, and the meal coverage of all its members?” With these cuts they can reunite part of the deficit, but they don’t, instead they make it clearer to us that they are only interested in robbing the nations funds and continue to make profit out of our sacrifice.
    This is a call for help, for our media has been corrupted and no one talks about this, they are trying to silence our nation, but we wont rest until the whole world hears about our story, we have posted it on facebook, youtube and twitter, but I think that foreign press should also learn about this story.
    This Sunday, November 11 at 2 pm, a pacific protest called “1 million Dominicans against the tax reform” will take place at the flag square. On November 14 at 3pm we are calling out to our fellow Dominicans living outside the country, to make pacific protests in front of the Dominican consulate of the country they reside. We need to inform the government that they actually work for the people, not the other way around.

    By. I.M (concerned Dominican citizen)

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