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    Posted November 11, 2012 by
    Muntinlupa City, Philippines
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    My Great Admiration for US Pres. Obama


    I’m so happy that Obama was re-elected as President of the United States. I admire Pres. Obama’s sincerity and dedication to the principles that he believes in. He’s a man of principles. I like his view that the US must work with the whole international community in formulating solutions to global problems. I know that Pres. Obama is a great orator and exemplifies the American Dream. He worked his way up the social ladder and was able to succeed in spite of some family problems when he was growing up. He’s a modern-day male version of Cinderella. I must admit that I’m a true fan of US Pres. Obama. I’ve been his fan since year 2008. My very first iReport was about the confession that I made about me being a fan of Obama. Even though I’m not a US citizen, I made online campaigns in year 2008 to promote Obama’s bid to be the President of the United States. I began doing the online campaigns during the time when Democrats were still holding primaries in 2008.


    I'm Rummel Pinera from the Philippines. I’m a blogger, salesman, citizen-journalist, free-lance writer, entrepreneur, poet, human-rights advocate, and campaigner for social reforms. I began doing online campaigns for worthy causes in 2001. I’ve written books about my own political beliefs from 2003 to 2006. I started my own advocacy called 'political abrogationism' in year 2003. Political abrogationism is an advocacy which proclaims that all types of dictatorships and despotic regimes all over the world should be abolished through peaceful and lawful means. Political abrogationism also advocates that every country, social organization and culture on Earth should peacefully and lawfully embrace democracy and secure human rights. I personally believe that human rights, civil liberties and freedom are natural and universal for all human beings. Hence, all humans deserve democracy and freedom.


    I became a citizen-journalist in year 2005. I didn't know at that time that what I was doing is called as 'citizen-journalism.' I took a break from citizen-journalism in year 2008 because I started doing online campaigns supporting Obama's bid to win the Democrats' primaries during that time. I organized onlione\fan-clubs for Obama during the same year and propagated the Obama campaign all over the Internet. I was really impressed by Obama's intelligence, charm and sincerity that even though I'm not a US citizen, I actively campaigned for his presidential bid in year 2008 via the Internet.

    It was about February of 2008 when I established 2 online fan clubs for Obama. I think those were the very first online fan clubs for Obama in a social networking site. I formed such fan-clubs on Friendster. As I've said, even though I'm not an American citizen, I actively used the power of the Internet to champion the then presidential bid of Barack Obama in year 2008. I even went to the extent of chatting with my friends and relatives in the US to convince them to support and campaign for Obama. I actively joined several U.S.-based online forums to defend and promote Obama's presidential campaign. I used the Internet to campaign for Obama during the Democratic primaries in 2008 and, also, during that year’s actual campaigning for the US presidential election. Because of such dedication, I got interviewed on two different occasions by a national TV network here in the Philippines for the 'online campaigning' that I did for Obama in year 2008. Such interviews happened after Obama won the 2008 US presidential election.

    After Friendster changed its 'format' in 2010, all the online groups there, including the online fan clubs that I created for Obama, suddenly disappeared. I continued being an active fan of Obama by establishing my own blog called as 'The Obama Fanatic's Blog' in year 2010 after all the online groups and forums located on Friendster disappeared. I went on defending Obama from his 'online critics' during that time through other online forums and social networking sites.


    I'm not that new in harnessing the power of the Internet to promote worthy causes and good advocacies all over the world. I joined the Free Burma Coalition- Philippines through the Internet. I was able to suggest creative methods of protesting for Burma's freedom through the Internet. Burma is now slowly but surely being democratized right now. I was able to join various solidarity-campaigns, which helped some countries that were once under despotic rule to gain democracy and freedom, via the Internet. I somehow contributed in my own little way to certain pro-democracy causes, like the call for the abolition of monarchy in Nepal and the movement for the resignation of Musharraf as Pakistan's strongman, through online campaigning.


    Early this year, about January, I created a new online fan club for Obama on Facebook. I called the online group as 'Barack Obama's Worldwide Fans'. The said group was established as a forum for US Pres. Obama's fans from all over the world. Most of the members are Filipinos and quite young. Other members of the said group hail from Europe, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Nigeria, Tunisia, US, etc.


    The 'Barack Obama's Worldwide Fans' was established on Jan.18, 2012. The said online fan club is basically a cause-oriented group that is dedicated to the curtailing of modern-day slavery and human trafficking, as well as the championing of democracy, human rights and freedom throughout the world. The group is opposed to child labor and wants an effective global approach that can practically curtail global warming and, also, stop all forms of pollution. Our fan club also advocates racial equality and religious freedom.


    I also established the ‘Barack Obama’s Super Fans’ in March of this year. Such is another online fan club for Obama. Both “Barack Obama’s Worldwide Fans” and “Barack Obama’s Super Fans” are on Facebook. I also have a blog called “Obama Fanatic’s Blog”. I did convince many of my relatives and friends in the US to campaign and vote for Obama. Since I can’t send financial donations to the Team Obama, the online campaigns that I did for Obama’s reelection-campaign, including chatting with my acquaintances who are in the US to convince them to support Obama, were my own means of supporting and promoting Obama’s re-election bid.


    As the communications landscape becomes more dynamic, more comfortable, more far-reaching, more secured, more fascinating, more complex, more gigantic and more participatory, the networked population is gaining greater and wider access to information, better opportunities to engage in public speech and debate, bigger chances of producing and sharing bright ideas, wider options to show creativity and an enhanced ability to make collective decisions and actions. The Internet is now the biggest common place on Earth, and it’s a place where people are free to express their ideas and opinions. Freedom of expression leads to creativity, reformation, invention, innovation and progress. The Internet gave me the opportunity to be an active campaigner for Obama’s reelection bid, even if I’m not an American citizen. I’m a true fan of US Pres. Obama. I do believe that Obama deserves to be re-elected as President of the United States. I’m happy that Obama won the just-concluded US presidential election, Best Wishes to US Pres. Obama!

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