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    Posted November 11, 2012 by
    lower brule, South Dakota
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    Abuse of American Tax Payer Dollars

    The excessively blatant corruption which has plagued OUR tribe as enrolled members of the KUL WICASA OYATE, has been ongoing for over 33 years. Since our chairman, Mike Jandreau has sat in the office, there have been no changes in the economy. Lower Brule being a small rez, with only one community, HUD (housing urban development) awarded Lower Brule Tribal Housing over 2 MILLION dollars ($ 2,000,0
    00.00) for renovations on 28 existing structures. It appears no improvements have been made, the people still reside in shacks with mold infestation and rotten walls, flimsy roofs and drafty windows and doors. The VOICES became involved because the Lower Brule Tribal Housing Executive Director (Jeannie Smith Cadwell, along other board members & their spouses) has posted pictures on the internet of her many lavish alcoholic binges in Disney Land (Florida), Stanley Hotel (Estes Park, Colorado) and Hawaii, not to mention the parties she hosts right here in the Lower Brule community.
    As you know Lower Brule Tribe did recently have a an election where the chairman, Mike Jandreau LOST to Jack Estes, BUT thirty eight (38) written ballots by the same handwriting were stuffed in the ballot box to give Mike Jandreau the chairman’s seat again. This chairman also called himself the CEO (chief executive officer) of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe and has formed numerous corporations (which incidentally coincide with the LBST receiving HUGE settlements or grants) in Lower Brule and New York City, which most have become bankrupt. Also in 2009, President Obama awarded $ 6,993,422.00 Stimulus money to LBST, but the funds were NOT used for the purposes stated in the grant.
    Every year the LBST, as well as every other Tribe in the country are given APPROPRIATED money from the Dept. of Interior for Fiscal Year operations. That averages between $7 & 10,000,000.00 (MILLION), depending on National Debt and who is in office. On top of that, the Picks Sloan Settlement, which was compensation to the PEOPLE of the Lower Brule Tribe, was awarded $126,000,000.00 to be distributed in 2007 ( Tribal members have not been compensated any Picks Sloan Money to date). Recently the Lower Brule Tribal Council lost in a lower court decision their right to take land into TRUST (91 acres) near Oacoma, SD, for the construction of a new casino along I-90. During that time chairman Mike Jandreau submitted an OP-ED to Sioux Falls Argus Leader, stating that He would only build a tourism office to be used for tourism projects. BUT Mike Jandreau received $ 1,000.000.00 in 2011 and again in 2012 from the Shakopee Mdewakaton Sioux Tribe, $300,000.00 of which was line itemed to build the casino along I-90. Chairman Mike Jandreau said, he would not build a casino in Oacoma.
    Lying to the Shakopee is a violation of the National Indian Gaming Regulatory Act and is considered RACKETEERING and is a punishable crime. * if you want reference to a similar chairman Robert Salgado, Soboba Band of Luisueno Indians, in California who was convicted under these same circumstances to 27 years in Federal Prison.
    Recently, the Eloise Cobell Class Action Lawsuit which was settled for $3.4 billion, to be disbursed to indirect Indian Land Owners on Indian reservations across the country for the mismanagement of land leases by the BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs), is to be distributed October 1, 2012. Some tribes have received their monies, which they will and have given in per capita payments to ALL ENROLLED MEMBERS, regardless if they reside on the reservation or off. BUT in Lower Brule, when the People found out on November 1, 2012 ( from the VOICE) that the Lower Brule Tribal Chairman and Council went into nonpublic, noncooperation and has called an executive meeting in Sioux Falls with NO Tribal Members present, in an attempt to quell the many questions that Individual land owners in Lower Brule have been asking concerning the where abouts of their Cobell Settlement money.
    The Lower Brule Sioux Tribe receives Appropriated TAX DOLLARS yearly, in the past six (6) years Appropriated Money between $48 & $60 Million has been awarded.
    $48,000,000.00 APPROPRIATED TAX DOLLARS annually from 2006-2012
    $126,000,000.00 PICKS SLOAN SETTLEMENT compensation to tribal members for lands flooded by dam
    $40,000,000.00 COBELL (SALAZAR) SETTLEMENT
    $7,000,000.00 OBAMA STIMULUS PACKAGE
    Just these numbers ALONE, not counting other grants for Law enforcement, Healthcare ,Higher Education, Housing comes up to $ 223,000,000.00 (two hundred twenty two million) divide that by six (6) years, that is $37,166,666.00 (thirty seven Million) per year. *There are currently only 1200 enrolled members actually residing in the community of Lower Brule, with another 1700 residing off reservation. When applying for funding, the LBST uses EVERY SINGLE TRIBAL MEMBERS ENROLLMENT NUMBER TO RECEIVE MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF GOVERNMENT FUNDING AND GRANTS.
    Lower Brule is a small community, the Tribal Government receives more money than most SD cities (Rapid City, Sioux Falls) get to operate. It is mostly TAX PAYER MONEY and it is disappearing. This is not an issue of Tribal Government, IT IS AN ISSUE OF VANISHING AMERICAN TAX PAYER MONEY.
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