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    Posted November 11, 2012 by
    Davao City, Philippines

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    Baktin flew to Thailand, $20k reward for arrest mulled


    Authorities have confirmed that carnapping syndicate leader Ryan "Baktin" Yu had flown to Thailand and possibly hiding anywhere in Asia. For this, Davao City Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, who earlier offered a P6 million reward for the head of Yu, is planning to offer a separate bounty for Yu's arrest in the foreign land.


    In his television program "Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa" Sunday, Duterte said the people who coughed up with the bounty for Yu's arrest, dead or alive, here in the Philippines is considering a $20,000 reward for the suspect's arrest in Thailand or any country where he is possibly hiding now.


    The vice mayor said they were furnished by the Thailand authorities a picture of Yu taken while passing thru immigration there. He said Yu looked haggard and obviously had been experiencing sleepless nights brought about by the bounty they put up for his head.


    Duterte said it is highly possible that Yu was tipped off by his contacts inside the Highway Patrol Group or any law-enforcement agencies thus he was able to book a flight to Thailand at the same time the authorities were conducting operations against the Baktin Group.


    Duterte said they have identified one police officer who could possibly have ties with Yu and that they are also working on him now.


    The vice mayor said Yu could be hiding anywhere in Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Hong Kong, or China.


    "Basta isa lang talaga ang masigurado ko, pag bumalik yan sya dito sa Davao, tapos talaga sya," Duterte said.


    Duterte initially  offered a P5 million reward for the head of Baktin Yu. This was later raised to P6 million.


    For those who are curious, the vice mayor who earned the monicker "The Punisher" literally wanted the head of the syndicate leader be presented before him. And anyone who does it, would automatically receive six million pesos from him without any questions asked.


    "You can cut his head off, put it in the ice to preserve it and present it before me before you can get the five million pesos reward," Duterte said in a press conference last month.


    For those who are not barbaric enough, Duterte said a live Ryan Yu would only cost P2 million while a dead one complete with the head attached to its body would get P5 million reward.


    Duterte directed the police, military and all other law enforcement agencies to work hard to bring Yu to justice so they would get the reward. He said the offer is also true to other groups interested on the reward, be they the communist rebel group New People's Army, the Muslim secessionist group Moro Islamic Liberation Front or any other armed groups or even well-meaning civilians who wants Yu dead or alive.


    Duterte said the reward money came from several individuals who were affected by the illegal activities of the Baktin Group. He did not specify.


    "May isang car trader na talagang galit na galit sa kanya dahil nadamay sila sa kalokohan nitong si Yu," Duterte revealed.


    The vice mayor revealed that he once met Yu and another suspected carnap group led by the Pang Brothers several years back. He recalled Yu and the Pang brothers as people who have no respect for the authorities.


    "Binubulyawan ng Pang brothers yung mga pulis na kaharap nila noon. Eto namang si Yu ay patawa tawa lang na parang nakakaloko," Duterte recalled.


    He said he was then unaware of the illegal activities of the Pang brothers and Yu and thought that they were really legitimate businessmen who were wrongly accused by the authorities.




    Recently, Secretary Mar Roxas of the Interior and Local Government however called up Vice Mayor Duterte upon order from President Benigno Simeon Aquino III inquiring about the alleged involvement of Councilor Paolo Duterte on smuggling of vehicles.


    The elder Duterte said he readily confronted his son who heads the Association of Barangay Captains (ABC) who in turn denied any involvement in the alleged smuggling.


    It turned out, VM Duterte said, that it was Ryan Yu who used the name of his councilor son in their illegal activity. The vice mayor said Paolo hunted Yu and punched him for dragging the name of the Dutertes.


    "After that call, piniga ko na tong kapulisan to find evidence to pin down this Baktin Group. Ngayon, wala na syang kawala dito," Duterte said.


    "Pera pera ang gusto nya pwes pera perahin natin ito. I will make the world of Ryan Yu very small," he added.


    Duterte said that he himself had been hunting Yu but he was unsuccessful.


    "Kung nakita ko si Baktin earlier, hindi na kayo maghahanap sa kanya. Patay na yan," he said.


    "I really took it badly yung patawagan ka ng presidente para sitahin. Anyways di naman yun totoo," Duterte added.


    Asked of justification for the P5 million bounty, Duterte said Yu and his group are well armed and would surely kill anyone who would arrest them.


    "He is armed and dangerous that is why I am upping the ante. With the danger involved dapat lang maging millions," Duterte said.


    Aside from the multi-million offer, Yu's cohorts would also have a P50,000 bounty on their head. He said it's best for the pawns to surrender now to save themselves from sure harm.




    Highway Patrol Group 11 chief Supt. Gregorio Pimentel branded the Baktin Carnap Group as the most notorious in Mindanao. He said that 90% of carnapping incidents in the Davao Region have been perpetrated by the Baktin Group.


    Pimentel said the Baktin Group is so efficient that they can carnap a vehicle in less than sixty seconds. Proof to this is the CCTV footage in Tagum City where a Baktin member was seen stealing a parked vehicle in only a matter of seconds.


    Pimentel said the group has links with other carnap syndicates in Cebu which he identified as the group of Jovel Entote. The HPG chief however said that Entote was arrested by the authorities two months ago and is now incarcerated.


    Another member identified as Cocoy Dalugdog is also behind bars now. Supt. Pimentel said the only remaining members of the syndicate who are still free are Yu and one Mark Lester Reyes.


    Supt. Pimentel admitted that they had a hard time implicating Yu in the illegal activity since his name never surfaces in any paper trails they gathered. He said most of those charged in the past are the buyers of carnapped vehicles since it's their name that's in the documents obtained by the police. BOT

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