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    Posted November 12, 2012 by
    Saint Kitts and Nevis
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    Obama wins re-election: Your reaction

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    12 Reasons why Gov. Romney lost

    As the vigorous postmortem on Why Romney lost the presidential election has begun in the news media, I would as a registered independent like to contribute my 2 cents towards that cause. Number 1 reason is the reduced number of registered Republicans in recent times and the new naturalized citizens and first time voters did not register as Republicans. The erratic comments by party heavy weights like the Governor of NJ along with lukewarm support by Drs Ron Paul and Rand Paul and lack of support from leading Republicans like Gen Colin Powell in a committed and enthusiastic way probably cost Romney a few hundred thousand votes. Reason 2, Although towards the end of October, Romney had convinced most voters that he was not the avatar (the second coming) of Bush, it was a bit to little and too late. President Obama by that time had convinced Americans that the debt was all Bush's fault, while continuing the Bush era tax cuts and defending the benefits of both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Also the fear of the unknown that a Republican president would engage in a possible war against Iran to please Israel, even when Israel had given high marks for strategic partnership with Israel by the Israeli foreign minister did not seem to tone down his rhetoric. Reason 3, the untimely blunders by the Republican senate candidates in making statements on life of the unborn after rape that were uncalled for hurt the Gov. Romney campaign and time was lost in distancing himself. Reason 4 was the overwhelming lack of support from the African Americans and a very weak support from the Spanish speaking population and the Jewish population in Florida along with a weak support from single and unmarried woman was not helpful. Romney biggest achievement was not the Olympics but Romney care in MA and he should have proudly said why it has worked and why it should have been a model for states to adopt instead of Obama running with it and placing the burden on the nation. Reason 5, most of us did not know until the very end that the editors chose the title for the Oped in NYT and not Romney. He could have explained the Ford model as being in tune with American values and that the outcome had GM filed for bankruptcy would have been the same without a tax payer supported bail out that is still running at a loss for the tax payers. Reason 7, on the one hand Romney seemed committed to reducing the debt that has been piled on by President Bush and Obama by over spending the revenue intake and Romney was asking for more spending on defense. Obviously he paid no attention to American voices like mine which are certain that are defense is adequate and strong to destroy the world 10 times over without any new spending, he did not mention the waste and the miracles of the drones. Reason. Clearly the media bias had influence on the voters. CNN is viewed by a significant number of Americans in the USA and globally and to have CNNs moderator Candy Crowley butt in on behalf of Obama's nebulous contention basically took the air out of the Bengazi coverup and lack of adequate security. Governor Romney failed to apologize to the veterans and retirees who do not pay taxes because they are done paying taxes and have earned their entitlements after his 47% comments became public. Gov. Romney should have spent more on ground organization instead of the barrage of ads in swing states. Like Al Gore the candidates of the GOP failed to attempt to retain the blue state. In a parliamentary democracy which the USA is not you loose your seat within your base or constituency automatically you loose the right to the lead. Last but not the least President Obama is the luckiest man ever born and without going into the details, Gov. Romney had the misfortune to have run against him.
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