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    Posted November 12, 2012 by

    The Guilt that pays Society


    As Dominicans sail through the continuities of a failed government mandate that unconstitutionally singlehandedly used federal funds to force a re-election for the third straight time. A party and its representatives already considered by nations and civil rights agencies across the world to be the most corrupt in modern times, civilians have been forced to hit the streets in protest to not just demand a reason why we have to pay more taxes due to bad administrative fiscal policies, that have burdened societies way of coping with a life of a once sustainable environment, but to demand the restoration of their civil liberties.


    The newly elected executive representative of the party has issued a new fiscal reform bill that will aggravate whatever is left of the productive sectors in the country. 8 years have been a heavy burden for business man and women across the country with overwhelming taxes and are now facing a new wave of taxes and regulations further limiting local companies to their ability to be competitive or even thrive in a once considered free market system. Governments' attachment with key corporations, regulating and dictating over the private and productive sectors are killing what is left of the middle class and destroying the business sector all around due to overwhelming sanctions that keep away the possibilities of rising new competitors.


    Still the government keeps borrowing money from foreign countries, investors and the IMF just to invest in high end golf resorts, noncontributing programs and re-election campaign funds. For the last 8 years our external debt has risen from 3 Billion Dollars to over 17 Billions and we are already facing a deficit on public spending of over 3 Billion Dollars. Still the government fails to understand that a loan now is a taxation for the future and future generations. The elevation of taxes and the scheme of the so-called Competitive Agency, which sole purpose is to reach deals with the mayor competitive government attached corporations to raise prices at the same level in order to settle differences and therefor limiting new rising competitors in the business sectors by injecting sanctions and regulation rendering it impossible to create new business and influence the job growth and productivity in the country.


    The only liberty that exists is individual liberty. Only our creator grants us life and liberty. No government should ever have to grant it.

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