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    Posted November 12, 2012 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    Petraeus - Betray Us?


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     k3vsDad told me he followed this story all weekend: 'The fact that Petraeus recently went to Libya and Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein is concerned about what Petraeus learned just adds to the questions.'
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer

    With  the shocking news Friday that CIA Director General David Petraeus was  resigning effective immediately from his position at the agency over a  love affair, the rumor mill has been running non-stop. Almost  immediately I began receiving messages from different people across the  country wanting to know my take on the surprise resignation and what it  means.

    I  had just returned home from getting my medicine when I received the 1st  message and had not yet heard the news. Now after the weekend has  passed and more and more information is coming out, I can safely say at  this point there are questions unanswered and not enough to form a clear  opinion on the whole situation.

    Many  on the right are already seeing the demons of conspiracy and cover-up.  Many on the left are saying nothing to see here, move along. The  majority in the middle are questioning what gives and how the  resignation came about.

    Petraeus  recently returned from a fact-finding trip to Libya over the Benghazi  situation which left 4 Americans, including the US Ambassador, murdered.  Some are thinking the resignation came to keep Petraeus from appearing  before either of the committees in Congress investigating the attack on  the diplomatic mission in Benghazi. But as House Homeland Security  Committee Chair Congressman Peter King pointed out, the resignation of  Petraeus does not preclude the Congress from having Petraeus testify.  King added that Petraeus would be called no matter what.

    Others  are looking at the timing of the resignation. One concern is over the  Benghazi hearings this week, but the other has to do with the  information coming to light of an investigation into Petraeus' email  accounts by the FBI after the election though the inquiry began months  ago. This may be the most troubling question.

    Reports  are coming out that Attorney General Eric Holder may have known about  the investigation, in which Petraeus was not a target, as far back as  June. If not Holder himself, the Justice Department was notified by the  FBI of the investigation. Yet published reports indicate the President  was not made aware until Petraeus submitted his letter of resignation on  Thursday.

    Also  troubling is the reason for the FBI probe. It is reported that the  probe began after one woman, allegedly a State Department employee,  complained of harassing emails from Petraeus' alleged mistress, author  Paula Broadwell. Harassing emails is not something the FBI investigates.  This leads to questions about what prompted the investigation.

    If  the FBI does in fact probe harassing emails, the agency would be  overloaded with investigations as almost every American receives their  share of harassing emails. There must be something more as to why the  FBI began looking into the email exchanges which lead to discovering the  affair in Petraeus' personal email account.

    Questions, questions and more questions.

    What  we do know for sure is that there was a betrayal. Not a betrayal that  affects national security, but the betrayal of a vow and commitment by  Petraeus to his wife of over 37 years, Holly. There was also a betrayal  of the high standard expected of a person who oversees the operations of  the nation's top spy agency.

    Members  of the media may also be feeling a sense of betrayal that they were  caught off guard by the resignation. Petraeus has had a long and healthy  affair with the press for a number of years. I am sure national  reporters who have covered the General are feeling cheated and betrayed  to discover they were not the only "other woman".

    At  this time, other than the question of timing and a question of why the  FBI became involved to begin with, I think the resignation is exactly  what Petraeus said it was on Friday. While Petraeus did not betray us,  he did betray his wife, his family and his agency.

    From  the Cornfield, conspiracy theorists need to chill out. Answers will  come in time as Congress continues to look into not only Benghazi, but  also the timing and why the FBI began its investigation. For now, we all  need to just let the events play out and let Congress do its job.

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