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    Posted November 12, 2012 by
    Riverview, Florida
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    Ryanair Needs a Good Belt

    Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary has made a starling yet obvious (for him and his company) statement. That statement was, “Seat belts don’t matter.” His statement was quoted in the U.K. Telegraph newspaper.

    His contention is, if you are traveling in a plane at the high speeds a plane normally travels, if it crashes, seat belts will not save you. That your chances of survival are the same with or without seat belts.

    Well, maybe he is correct when it comes to a plane crash; although I would like the government authorities that investigate crashes to confirm this statement.

    Now let’s look at a possibility where a seat belt might come in handy.

    The first time a plane plunges 1000 feet in a few seconds because of Clear Air Turbulence and the person or people who do not have seat belts on hit the ceiling of the plane, then they will all know why they need seat belts and why they should be on during a flight. While crashes these days are rare, violent movement of a plane in midair is not; hence, the need to be belted in. Not tightly but enough so that one is not thrown around like a sack of potatoes. When you hear of passengers injured when a plane experiences a quick drop, you can be assured the cause of the injures are passengers who were not wearing belts at the time (especially when the injuries are to the head and neck).

    I wonder if the CEO of Ryanair unbuckles and remains unbuckled after his plane takes off, until he is required to put on his belt again during landing. It is assuming this CEO is interested in installing subway style straps so he can have people standing in the aisle to increase revenue. What a humanitarian. I wonder what the Ryanair insurance premiums will be if this goes into effect.

    He plans to charge 1 British Pound (currently about 1.58 US Dollars) for a flight for the standing room only place on the plane. Quite a good deal for short flights but the first time there is turbulence, or a very hard landing and you might think this small sum to be ill spent.
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