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    Posted November 13, 2012 by
    Watertown, New York
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    What Another Obama Presidency Will Look Like


    Conservatives are worried.

    Some are down right depressed over President Obama winning a second term.
    My Uncle and Aunt, both staunch Republicans, went to bed early election night because they were so emotionally exhausted.
    They asked,"How did this happen?"
    Fox News had told them that the election was in the bag for Romney.
    It wasn't.

    Karl Rove was in denial.

    Fox's own pollsters called for Obama but Rove demanded they check the numbers again.
    Many of us outside the Fox News' bubble tried to warn those that only watch FOX that they weren't getting all the facts about this election.
    Scenes like the one above just weren't shown to conservatives by FOX.
    No. Much of what President Obama has tried to do for middle class Americans wasn't shown either.
    How could they when they needed him to be seen as , "other'.
    Yes, 'other' than American.
    All that has done to this man by conservatives to try and defeat him..to try and deprive this country of a second term by Obama failed.
    It failed to convince the majority of Americans that all that couldn't get done was entirely Obama's fault.
    We know what was done.
    Their smugness is now in retreat. The questions are being asked. But they're not the correct questions.
    America is moving forward whether the Republican Party does or not.
    It's not whether but when we take back the U.S. House because another party has allowed themselves to become irrelevant.
    When a party stops listening to the people they are sent to represent, people eventually stop listening to them.
    If nothing, Hurricane Sandy should have answered the long argument as to whether we need a strong Federal Government.
    What happened in this election?

    Why didn't Romney win?

    He had all the money, he had the sound bites and the usual cliche ridden Republican narrative to which many conservatives continue to cling.
    So what happened to the narrative of the Republican Party this election?
    Just a little weather, that's it.
    I would have said that maybe it was just a coincidence that the GOP convention was disrupted earlier in this year by a tropical storm.
    But when Hurricane Sandy blew in to the North East Coast, I knew it was providence.
    Then everyone saw what President Obama has been saying all along- government is there to do for people what they can't do for themselves alone.
    Another 4 years of President Obama will look like the first 4 years of President Obama only better. We have built the foundation, now we need to add the structure that will support the middle class this time.

    Don't worry conservatives.

    Obama is much more conservative than you realize.

    He's more cautious than I prefer.

    He's less progressive than I would like.

    But he does have us headed in the correct direction and the momentum is slow enough that those of you, afraid of moving in that direction, forward, will have an easier time of it than you would if my hand were on the helm.
    Conservatives should pay closer attention to Obama in the next 4 years.

    Look for yourselves and make your own observation rather than taking FOX's POV as gospel.

    That didn't work out so well election night, did it?

    Maybe you'll discover that we have an honest man who cares for the American people...all the people- even those of you that didn't vote for him.

    This was a genuine photo of our President feeling this woman's pain while Governor Chris Christie looked on and witnessed true compassionate conservatism.

    It made me sad to feel what so many in the storm affected area must face. My heart goes out to all of them
    Congratulations, President Obama.
    Now let's get something done.

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