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    A friend in mourning as Florida DCF has torn their family apart...check out thier FB page "BRING MYSON HOME"... www.facebook.com/Christopher.Steveson ... attached is an email they have been sharing with the public to tell their story...

    November 11, 2012

    St. Lucie County Court,� �

    My name is Jennifer Steveson and I am a mommy to five children: Brandon Shupe 9/2/98, Andrew Ciccarelli 5/15/01, Kaleb Steveson 5/21/03 ( Step-son) Madison Steveson 8/23/07, And Christopher Steveson Jr. 1/28/10. I am married to Christopher Steveson for almost 5 years. We have been living in Port St. Lucie Florida for many years. We own our home at 325 SE Thanksgiving ave Port St Lucie Fl 34984. We have two dogs, Tug 4 years old and Snickers who is almost 5 years old. My husband Christopher Steveson is the sole provider of our family. He has been employed at Wal-Mart Distribution Center in Fort Pierce Florida for 5 years now. We are involved with our children?s lives as follows. Baseball 6 nights a week, Beach, parks, school functions, playgrounds, Fishing, Going out on Uncle?s Boat, Family dinners, Family over nights. The children are above average in school as all A?s. Kaleb Steveson struggles due to ADD. His grades are a-b in math and very low in reading. I attend their schools once a week and call during the week to make sure all is well. I am very involved with their teachers thru emails and many visits at their schools. All medical is up to date and all the children see the doctor at least twice a month for check ups and any medication needed at that time. All children are growing and gaining weight perfectly per all medical records.�� I would like to tell you about �all the children in our home. Brandon has been with me, Jennifer Steveson, since birth 1998 with no father. I only had help from my Aunt when he was a baby. I raised him all alone for many years until I Jennifer Steveson met Michael Ciccarelli, Then I Jennifer Steveson had Andrew in 2001. Due to abuse I left him in 2005 with Andrew. I have custody of both boys. I met my husband in 2005 and have never been happier. In the midst of our happiness Kendra Johnson with held his son who is Kaleb Steveson. We filed for visitation in 2006 and because Kaleb?s Mother threatened the family Court Judge Bronis , and was found to be unfit, the Judge gave My husband sole custody and Kaleb?s mother visitation thru the Exchange club castle. Madison and Christopher are our children together. Madison was born in 2007 and Christopher JR. 2010. �And that is how we have been living since 2005 together in our home as a family.��I Jennifer Steveson have had many calls go in to the DCF hotline. The other sides of the family feel that is the best way to get their children into their home. And that has been made very clear to us. All three other parents do not want to pay support and have caused many issues due to that. All three parents are not in anyway involved in the children?s lives. All three other parents not once have ever asked to spend any extra time and do anything for the children. Kendra Johnson has never paid support and/or in any way helped with the needs of Kaleb Steveson. We have asked many times every year when school starts to help. Never once has that happened. All and any of Kalebs needs have been provided by Myself, Jennifer, and/ or Dad, Christopher Steveson.�And now to each and every allegation that I in the past have asked to take to trial and was told not to do so or I would lose all my children! I have been told that for 14 years. I will not sit here and say that I should get the mother of the year award , But I can say I never abused nor would ever let anyone abuse my biological children or step son Kaleb.I would Like to go through every allegation that has been placed against me since our family started in 2005.�First I would like to start with the history of drug and alcohol abuse. That date and event in my life was over 13 years ago. And I changed my life for the best for my child Brandon at that time. The ?bipolar? that just keeps getting thrown in there every time a call gets placed I would like to finally have the chance to let everyone know I went to new Horizons on my own at the age of 17 when my parents split up , My mother put me in a car at 17 years old and drove all the way to Florida from Philadelphia , She took me from my dad and my life. I was sad, I was 17 years old and needed someone to talk to . They gave me medication that made me very sick , In the hospital for serious stomach pains. Not once did they ever tell me to my face I was bipolar, I was a 17 year old child that needed someone to help me understand why my mother did what she did to me. I was sad and alone?That is not Bipolar. And what ever they gave me made me very sick . All I needed or wanted was love. I read a lot about how I have explosive out burst towards my children. Please explain when and where? I direct my children , I raise my voice when needed and I do yell over them when they are too loud to hear me. Never ?Explosive? outbursts towards my children.�In 2008 I read that I was alleged to have locked Kaleb outside because I did not want to see his face, and I was alleged to let him wander the neighborhood. For one thing I do not even allow my children to play outside my yard. Until this year My son Brandon at age 14 asked me to allow him to go to the Civic Center to play pool with his friends, I allowed him to go only if he checked in every 30 min. I do not and have never allowed any of my children to wander any neighborhoods, Ever! I never once locked any child out of my home. Now I can say that the boys one day were locking one another out as a game, No harm . But I stopped that due to the fact that I did not find it funny and they stopped. It was done once and never happened again. Boys will be boys The fighting that is being accused on Brandon is nothing but brothers fighting and when it gets out of hand They are punished for it. Brandon, Andrew, and Kaleb all fight at times as any brother would. Nothing where I feel or have seen it to be abuse. The allegations that I degrade Kaleb is very wrong, And the name calling is also something that keeps getting brought up. The name calling happened over 2 years ago, The boys were calling one another names and as parents we addressed it and it has stopped. And at anytime that one calls another a name we punish them for it, and make them say sorry, in writing! We do not allow that in our home. I do not scream at Kaleb and call him any of the names that are noted on the papers, I have never told Kaleb that Kendra is not his Mother, He calls her Kendra and I have nothing to do with that. There is a lot I would like to say about him calling me mommy. When Kaleb came to our home, after 9 months of him being with us, he started calling me mommy like the other children. I kept telling him my name was Jennifer, But he kept saying ?no your Mommy?. After a year of trying to get him to understand I was Jennifer , family members came to me and told me to let him call me what he wants. When I married Kalebs father in 2007 that?s when I in my heart became Kaleb?s Mommy. And from�4/19/2007�I took on the role of his mommy. I did for Kaleb as I did for all of the children. Kaleb took a lot more of my needs due to his lack of teaching for the first 3 years of his life. I had to teach him everything, All the way to feeding himself. I love Kaleb as my own child and will always love him as my own for the rest of my life. As also stated that kaleb said I pulled his hair, I would never put my hands on him unless I had his arm and walked him to his room. I place kaleb in his bed until his father comes home so his father can decide on what discipline if any needs to be done. �I do not do the punishment in my home , All punishment is done by My husband. I put all my children in their rooms.�Kaleb was not ?found to be dependent due to abuse?. Kaleb was on a trial of meds due to him not focusing at school or at home per his last year teacher. Nothing was set in stone on his meds, It was a trial period. And on Sept 7th we decided to do counseling once again, since the meds were not working. As doctor stated he did not need to take the meds if we did not want to give them to him. So we decided to get the prescription for referral to the psychiatrist.�On September 20th as every morning I get up with all the children at 645 am . Since Madison started Kindergarten Chris also gets up to help in the morning �even though he just gets to bed at�3 am. On that morning as every morning, I get Kaleb up, Help him to get ready for school, I have him brush his teeth, do his hair, put his clothes on and get socks. He watches TV for about 20 minutes then heads out one block away to the bus stop. Same as every day mon-fri. I would have seen a 4 foot long zip tie attached to his wrist! He would have had issues getting ready for school putting his shirt on if he had that on while in my care.�When we arrived at the school that morning, he right away said ?I found it on the way to the bus stop I wanted a bracelet and I couldn?t get it off?. After dad removed it , I asked to speak to him outside. I explained to Kaleb that he could have been hurt really bad, And again asked what happened, he told us that he found it and he was sorry for lying. I did raise my voice as I was very upset that he did this and then placed my arms around him and held him and told him I loved him and God I am glad he is okay. I asked Kaleb to go in the school and to apologize for lying because he could have gotten someone in a lot of trouble for blaming someone for something like this. He wiped his tears and went in the office. The school nurse was very rude to me, she told kaleb no need to say sorry . I asked her to please do not tell me how to parent my children, and walked Kaleb out the doors, gave him a kiss and sent him to class. That same day when Kaleb returned home from school he seemed very upset. I asked him how the rest of his day was, He said ?not good? . I sat down with Kaleb and asked why was it not good. He said to me that ?because the nurse took my clothes off and was asking me questions? . I then got up and called�772-871-5000�and spoke to Brian who stated to me that I needed to call the school. I did and yes I was very upset that kaleb was in the state of mind that he was and yelled at the school on a voicemail since the 10 times I called there was no answer. Kaleb then went to his room. I knew he was hiding something by the way he was acting. He would not look at me right in my eyes. I just knew something was really wrong. So the next day I called the school and �spoke to Cindy Cobb . Kaleb was home because he did not feel well ?he said?, I asked Cindy Cobb what happened she put me on hold and came back on and said that there was a DCF lady there. I had to ask Kaleb 3 times who and why, he said to me ? Mommy she made me promise I would not tell you that she came to my school .? ? She told me that she wants me to go live at Kendra?s and be with my real brother and mom. ? At this point kaleb was in tears, He said to me ?why wont they leave me alone.? I was very angry Kaleb was so upset telling me he was so sorry for not telling me, ?she made me feel very scared?. He also said she told him to act surprised when she came out to the house. Kaleb said to me he was really scared and did not understand what was going on.�That evening when the CPI came to our home at 325 Se Thanksgiving Ave Port St lucie Fl 34984. Brandon answered the door and walked out . He was very upset that once again they were here. He sat on the hood of my car you could see the anger in his eyes. Not only did he get blamed for the wrist tie he still did not have time to let it sink in how upset he was at Kaleb for lying . I came over to the door asked the CPI To wait until a family member came here to help with the children so I could talk to her. She stated to me? Oh come on Jennifer you know how this works?. I then again nicely to her said please . She said? You know I did not bring the police I knew when I saw your name that it was nothing!? I sat down out front and asked her why are you doing this ? She said I have to do my job. Even thou Kaleb told us he did this to himself and that Brandon or Andrew did not. I asked her to please read what was called in. She said what was called in . Then I asked her ?okay, are we done?? She said well you know ? I just need someone to talk to kaleb? I told her I will talk to Chris and let her know, She said have Chris call me. I told her that Chris is sickened over this and once again! The children have been doing really good and just over came what happened for last year and here we go again. ?I do not think Chris will call you he is very upset you told his son to lie to him, and did things to kaleb that were wrong?. My family at this point were here. Lyndsey My bio sister told the CPI That she would take kaleb where ever he needed to go. And gave the CPI her phone number. The CPI walked through Our home said how nice our home is and that all the children are so well cared for and she left. As she walked away I said how long is it going to be on this case now, I have court papers to file in regards to Kendra and Michael and can not do so with an Open case with DCF. She laughed ? Well you know its takes 30 day? . And she left.I called the CPI 2 days later to find out what was going on so I can file my papers, She said I need to talk to Chris . He was sleeping at that time I told her I would have him call when he got up. He works until�3 am. I went about my day, At 130 pm I got a phone call stating to me ? Do not pick up Kaleb from the Bus he will not be coming home? I did not know who this man was, He told me it was none of my concern and to have Chris call. I ran home right away, Had my husband call this man back. He was the boss of the CPI. They took our son. And said that we had court the next day.Now every time a call gets placed into the hotline on our family the same CPI comes out and has made comments about why Kaleb is not with Kalebs Mom Kendra Johnson. I feel this was set up over the 4 years to get him placed in the Bio Moms care Kendra Johnson. Kendra Johnson has not proven to be a fit mother and that is a very serious concern and has been since a hearing�Oct 8th 2010�was held with out us knowing. We asked for a rehearing due to not having anything shown to us to prove Kendra Johnson was treated for all that she did, or whether she had complied with the requirements of the court.�Kaleb is and has been cared for and loved as any one of the children in our home. I have included many letters from very close family members and very close friends. Kaleb Steveson is a child who needs a little more than the others and we do that for him because we love him and care so much for him. He is the Brother to Madison and Christopher Jr,. and Brandon Andrew are his brothers by heart due to the last 6-7 years of being together as a family. My husband and I always have put Kaleb first due to his needs.��I have included all his medical records for the last 7 months to show that he was cared for and had no distress and was very happy. �All his medial needs were and are being met.�I have included only some of the therapy that we have done on kaleb since he was placed in out home in 2007, There are many more from Tikes and teens.�I have included that Kaleb all last year in school was trying very hard and his teacher and we were working every week to help him do well.�I ask you to please return Kaleb back to his family where he belongs, Kaleb has been and will be brain washed by the bio Mom Kendra Johnson. Kaleb is and has said many times she says things to him to make him not like me, Jennifer Steveson. This is not what is right for kaleb and I ask the world to please know that we are a family, not perfect but real, Nothing but guidance and love. We do everything as a family . �All of the children are slowly falling down right now. Kaleb needs to be home, the home he has been in for many years, The bed he has slept in for many years . The brothers and sister miss him and ask for him 10- times a day. My husband and I are very good parents. I might be a little over protective of the children, And the only reason for that is because of being abused by the department of children?s and families. Every time they come to my home it causes the children to hurt in some way . Andrew has a disorder that he was diagnosed last year due to what he had to go through with the department. He has to take meds to calm him down. He holds anger due to what the department is and has done to our family. I asked many times to please hear me speak and have been told to shut my mouth or my kids will be removed from my care. Now I will not shut my mouth. I do not deserve to be put down and to be made out to be a monster. I love all my children and not once have I ever hurt any of my children, step or not. I would never do so due to the fact that I never had a Mommy to love me. I raise all my children, step or not, as I wish I had when I was a child. And the department is only destroying our family, nothing more than breaking us up. I am willing to have my front door open to world. I will not sit here and allow my family to be torn apart. We are a good family and with many family and friends to say so.�This is only the beginning of me standing up. I pray everyday for God to keep me strong while I sit here and watch the department cause all the problems that they cause to our children. Please know that this has to stop, it?s not in the best interest of the children to keep harassing our family??Thank you for your time in hearing the truth after 14 years,Jennifer Steveson

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