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    Keeping politics out of the Pulpit should definitely come to an end in the Black community!



    Keeping politics out of the Pulpit should definitely come to an end in the Black community!


    A conversation between President Obama and the black community” Published on Jun 7, 2012 by drboycewatkins.

    For decades and even in contemporary years, meaning today, no good sacrilegious reverends deliver the votes of black church congregations to the Democratic Party for gratuities, favors, kickbacks, etc., from the Democratic Party. In exchange for being used by treasonous reverends and the Democratic Party, a dysfunctional black electorate receives nothing but empty promises, further oppression, and “Taxation without competent Representation” from President Barack Obama, multiple members of the Congressional Black Caucus, and other elected officials affiliated with the Democratic Party who have contempt for the Constitution, the oath of office, and the rule of law.






    Oath of Office: "I, (President, Supreme Court Justice, Congressperson, Assemblyman, Mayor, City Councilperson, Judge, etc. ), during such times as I hold the office, I, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States (the Constitution of the State of California, Maryland, Illinois, etc., etc.), against all enemies foreign (terrorist enemies of the U.S., illegal immigrants, un-American  or un-Constitutional anything and everything, etc.) and domestic (treasonous individuals or organizations, any Police Chief who turns a blind eye to the actions of rogue police officers, unethical or criminal elected officials or public servants, illegal aliens or his or her advocates, un-American anything and everything), and that I will bear true faith and allegiance, to the Constitution of the United States , (State Constitution), and that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties upon which I am about to enter."

    VIDEO: Jerry Brown campaigns for tax measure at LA churches” November 4, 2012, by David Siders, Sacramento Bee

    Read more here: http://blogs.sacbee.com/capitolalertlatest/2012/11/video-jerry-brown-campaigns-for-tax-measure-at-la-churches.html#storylink=cpy

    “This morning there was only Brown, campaigning in four traditionally black churches here for his ballot initiative to raise the state sales tax and income taxes on California's highest earners. The churches Brown visited in Los Angeles' poorer neighborhoods have hosted Brown before, and also Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. The congregations are large - the West Angeles church has more than 25,000 members - and the constituency reliably Democratic.”



    Editorial: Keeping politics out of the pulpit, The IRS can and should investigate any religious leaders or groups that cross the line. Los Angeles Times, November 5, 2012

    "The Internal Revenue Service advises churches and other tax-exempt organizations that, under federal law, they are “absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office.” But the 2012 election campaign that mercifully is coming to a close demonstrates that some religious leaders, while they may be abiding by the letter of the law, are willing to undermine its spirit.

    To wit:

    •A week after Mitt Romney visited the venerable evangelist Billy Graham, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Assn. removed Mormonism from its list of religious cults. Graham's son, Franklin, also an evangelist, wrote an article titled “Can an Evangelical Christian Vote for a Mormon?” The answer: Yes. (According to the New York Times, Franklin Graham said the “cult” reference was mistakenly made by a staff member.)

    •In Peoria, Ill., Roman Catholic Bishop Daniel Jenky ordered priests in his diocese to read a letter to parishioners the Sunday before the election criticizing “the president” for including contraception in his health insurance mandate. Jenky then warned that “Catholic politicians, bureaucrats, and their electoral supporters who callously enable the destruction of innocent human life in the womb also thereby reject Jesus as their Lord.” He ended with this appeal: “I therefore call upon every practicing Catholic in this diocese to vote. Be faithful to Christ and to your Catholic faith.”

    •Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, Ill., suggested that hellfire awaited Catholics who voted the wrong way. “I am not telling you which party or which candidates to vote for or against,” he wrote in the diocesan newspaper. “But I am saying that you need to think and pray very carefully about your vote, because a vote for a candidate who promotes actions or behaviors that are intrinsically evil ... makes you morally complicit and places the eternal salvation of your own soul in serious jeopardy.” Paprocki's “evils”: same-sex marriage and abortion.

    Some religious leaders are willing to challenge the prohibition of political activity directly. In New York City earlier this year, a priest inserted in a church bulletin an article by several former U.S. ambassadors to the Vatican calling on Catholics to vote for Romney. And last month, dozens of churches participated in the fifth “Pulpit Freedom Sunday” sponsored by the conservative group Alliance Defending Freedom. Participants were invited to preach about “what Scripture says about the selection of our national, state, or local leaders.” Some preachers sent their sermons to the IRS, essentially daring the agency to investigate them. The alliance boasts that none of those pastors has been punished or censored by the IRS.

    Some would argue that it's futile for the IRS to try to police political activity by churches. We disagree. The IRS can and should investigate accusations of blatant partisanship, such as a church bulletin that endorses a candidate by name or the sign outside a Texas church that reportedly advised: “Vote for the Mormon, not the Muslim! The capitalist, not the communist!”

    Yet it's also true that much advocacy by churches will not be explicit enough to justify legal reprisals. That was the case, for example, with the prolonged and inconclusive IRS investigation of an antiwar sermon preached in 2004 at All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena. The retired rector had described a scenario in which Jesus participated in a debate with George W. Bush and John F. Kerry. He didn't endorse either candidate but said that Jesus would have told Bush that his war strategy in Iraq “has led to disaster.”

    One consolation for those offended by heavy-handed election-year sermonizing is that, even in the traditionally hierarchical Catholic Church, religious leaders don't always have the last word. For example, Bishop Paprocki's warning prompted rebuttals from politically liberal Catholics who noted that the late Pope John Paul II had applied the term “intrinsically evil” also to “subhuman living conditions, arbitrary imprisonment, deportation, slavery, prostitution and trafficking in women and children; [and] degrading conditions of work which treat laborers as mere instruments of profit, and not as free responsible persons.”

    Believers understandably pay attention to their religious leaders. But in the end they are likely to think, and vote, for themselves.

    Copyright © 2012, Los Angeles Times







    YouTube: “Jerry Brown at FAME Loading...by TheBeeCapitolAlert on Nov 4, 2012


    YouTube: Governor Brown at Ward AMEUploaded by TheBeeCapitolAlert on Nov 4, 2012

    Selected Comment:

    While the editorial page rails against politics in the pulpit, citing one example after another of Roman Catholics doing it, behold, I turned to another page of the same paper to discover Gov. Jerry Brown, advocate of Proposition 30, sitting in the pew of the First African Methodist Episcopal Church in Los Angeles.   Do the editors approve of Democrats going to churches to push for their causes but disapprove of Republicans speaking from the pulpit in support of their causes?” by Robert S. Rodgers, Culver City



    Thank you House Speaker John Boehner, Congressional Representatives for working for U.S. citizens and legal immigrants, and upholding the oath of office......

    ......a characteristic that all elected officials are mandated by law and sworn under oath to do.....

    ......the exception being President Obama and other dysfunctional elected officials affiliated with the Democratic Party who trash the oath of office, our Constitution, and hold contempt for the rights of law abiding U.S. citizens and legal immigrants.

    When petitioned to create opportunity, or to address the high unemployment problem of U.S. born blacks or when petitioned to competently uphold the rule of law, the Constitution, his sworn duty to respect his oath of office for blacks violated by government, typically BO responds with worthless diatribe such as "put on your marching shoes, stop grumbling, stop complaining, stop crying, etc., I want you to go see Reverend Al Sharpton,

    …..trashes or ignores valid petitions for redress of grievances, etc., etc"

    ....all while Barack "the Magic Negro/Illegal Alien bootlicking" Obama bends over backwards, uses his executive privilege influence, and circumvents Congress to promote the "Dream Act" for millions of illegal aliens, illegal aliens being individuals that no elected official is sworn under oath and mandated by law to protect and serve.



    CNN I-Report:  "There is a Price to Pay, When Elected Officials Use the Pulpit to Build a Voting Base, You Can Trash Your Own Reputation Through Association with Unethical and Sleazy Individuals!" uploaded by TheTruth53



    CNN I-Report: "Graduating Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law School is not alone proof of competency." by Unique81

    "The Harvard Graduate Barack Obama is not smart, not a good administrator, leader, etc., and the BO Administration is not his friend either.

    An effective and competent administrator, executive, leader, etc., would definitely do some research to at least check the integrity, moral values, etc., etc., of the individuals he is shaking hands with, meeting with, being photographed with, etc., etc.  

    Slim chance exists, that any truly ethical, moral, and competent individual would shake hands with, bargain with, be an associate or friend, say a prayer with, meet or conduct business with, etc., etc., any unethical, immoral, incompetent, sleazy, and/or individual (s) who are a known thief.

    Barack Obama's advisers are not providing this information either, and it is certain that with all the so called university educated and experienced government officials a President, a Congressperson, a U.S. Senator has at his or her disposal, there is no excuse for this. Furthermore, BO has the power and authority to hire and fire anyone in his administration who is not protecting the integrity of the Presidency." by TheTruth53

    ....and it is certain that many other ethical, moral, and competent individuals would agree, so much so, that you won't find TheTruth53 or other like-minded individuals shaking hands with, bargaining with, being an associate or friend, saying a prayer with, meeting or conducting business with, and/or in a photo with no good Reverend John Hunter or other proven and known to be disgraceful individuals.

    Thus far the only elected official foolish enough to maintain an alliance with no good deceitful and thief for a Reverend John Hunter is President Barack Obama, unethical no good Attorney Rickey Ivie or other deceitful individuals,

    ...or the other defendants being sued, Denise Hunter, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Irma Brown Dillon, Dean E. Brown, Donald Wilson, Elmon Bon Leggett, Melville Perrry, Constance Fortune, etc., etc.

    .....being sued by FAME church members, Attorney Robert Silverman,.....for stealing, much of the money stolen by the "Sleazy and the Greedy" being FAME Church Tithes or Federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) taxpayer's money.

    .......by and large other elected officials from every political party affiliation cut all ties with Reverend John Hunter.




    "First AME Church is at a crossroads" by Angel Jennings, Los Angeles Times, June 5, 2012

    Paragraph from the above LA Times article: "As the pastor of the oldest black church in Los Angeles, the Rev. John J. Hunter earned a generous salary, lived in a $2-million home and drove a Mercedes-Benz paid for by the church. His wife earned $147,000 a year running nonprofit organizations connected to the 19,000-member congregation.  But over the last few years, the hilltop church in the West Adams district has fallen into debt.  The First African Methodist Episcopal Church owes nearly $500,000 to creditors. Some vendors say they have not been paid in more than a year."



    It can't be good when any elected official, especially the President of the United States, is in a photo, and being blessed by one of many disgraceful and unethical, jackleg preachers in the black community, namely no good Reverend John Hunter."

    ...and voting should be based on how well an elected official upholds the "Oath of Office", the Constitution and not party affiliation.

    This is where a dysfunctional black electorate are misguided, in that voting allegiance should not be entirely associated with political Party affiliation or influenced by any Reverend to deliver votes to any political party.

    Of all the ethnic groups the black electorate is the only solid segment of voters that consistently votes better than 90% in favor of the Democratic Party, or Democratic candidates.


    YouTube: “Jesse Jackson Jr. Is Going With Insane Plea by Published on Nov 13, 2012 by Whateverhappentocomm

    The Democratic Party incumbent candidate voted for could be a carpet-bagger (Yvonne “Brentwood” Burke, Rod Wright, Martin Ludlow), a jackass, a cut-throat or blatantly inept (Barack Obama), unethical (BO, HW, JJ, MW, MD, MRT, etc., etc.), sleazy (“The Magic NegroBarack Obama, Herb Wesson, Maxine “Kerosene” Waters), a thief (Jesse Jackson, Jr., Kerosene Waters, etc., etc.), a liar (Barack Obama), an illegal immigrant (Merv Dymally), a convicted felon (Marian Barry) an illegal immigration advocate or bootlicker (BO, MD, multiple members of the CBC, Diane Watson, Mark Ridley Thomas, etc., etc.)  and typically just to support the Democratic Party, better than 90% of a truly dysfunctional black electorate would still vote for individuals unfit for office, as opposed to voting for candidates who truly respect the oath of office, the Constitution, the rule of law, be the party affiliation Democratic, Republican, Independent, grass roots or Tea Party oriented.


    Lies Don't Keep Us Safe. Keeping Us Safe Requires Respect for the Rule of Law and the Constitution. The government's argument is untenable. “The government cannot, under any circumstance, affirmatively mislead the court” by U.S. District Judge Cormac J. Carney

    "Insisting on honesty as the only policy, the supreme ruled Wednesday that public employees can be punished for lying, even when they merely deny an accusation that later turns out to be true”.

    “ …….Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist. 'An employee who is asked about possible wrongdoing has only two legal choices: Tell the truth or say nothing”. (LA Times, January 22, 1998.)

    ........"Tell the Truth or Say Nothing" also applies to any U.S. President, Congressional office holder, U.S. Supreme Court Justice, U.S. Attorney General, court official, court clerk, Deputy City Attorney, Judge, elected official, lawyer, journalist, etc.

    Note: All hypertext are a link to actual court documents, signed affidavits, official correspondence, and other reputable sources.

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