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    Posted November 14, 2012 by
    Lobelville, Tennessee
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    CNN Fit Nation: 2013 Triathlon Challenge

    Too Fat To Play...NOT ANYMORE!

    My name is Annette Miller. I'm 32 from Lobelville, TN. I have been overweight my entire life.

    I was a kid that loved sports baseball, basketball, soccer etc, you name I watched it. I knew the players the statics & I watched like I was playing. As much as I loved watching sports, the one thing I really wanted was to play. At 10 I thought I was going to play basketball, but instead of signing my permission slip I was told "you're too fat to play." I accepted it without question. Those five words impacted my life more than I could ever know.

    For the past twenty plus years I've been "too fat to" do a lot of things. I've been too fat to sit in one plane seat so I don't travel as much & I LOVE to travel. Too fat for cute clothes, I covered up with bigger and bigger clothes. I was too fat to exist, I tried to blend in and not be noticed. Too fat to love, I avoid relationships because I'm never attracted to those that are attracted to me. Too fat to help those I love.

    I consider myself a giving person. I will do anything for my friends & family. When my twin sister Bobbette was diagnosed with kidney failure, there was no question I wanted to be tested. As her twin I would be the best possible match. I will never know for sure if I was or not because I was "too fat to" be tested. We did find a donor and Bobbette had her transplant in June of last year. She is doing well.

    Not long after my sister's transplant I found out I was going to be a great aunt. I was thrilled and afraid at the same time. I was afraid that like my mama I wouldn't be around to watch the baby grow up. I lost my mom in 1991 to a heart attack and she missed everything and I missed her not being here to witness everything.

    Not being able to help my sister and the fear of not seeing the baby grow up, but my butt in gear. I began to overhaul my life. I changed what I ate and I began exercising daily. I've lost one hundred plus pounds at this point. I'm not at my goal yet, I still have another hundred to lose. I've seen how my body has changed and how strong I'm getting and it amazes me. Daily people tell me how great I look or how watching me has inspired them to start losing weight or get healthier. My way of thinking and seeing myself are still works in progress. Many days I feel like the ten year old that just wanted to play basketball, and I still hear "you're too fat to play."

    I need to be part of the 2013 Triathlon Challenge team. I need to be able to run across the finish line and be able to call myself a triathlete. Completing this challenge with the 2013 Fit Nation team will do more for me mentally and emotionally than any amount of weight I can ever lose.
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