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    Why did this GOP vote to re-elect President Obama?


    From the first kiss to the first vote, there is always a first time for everything. For example, this is my first ever blog. Similarly, the 2012 Election was the first time I voted for a Democratic President since the reelection of President Reagan. I am an independent voter. I am a miniority. However, I believe in fiscal responsibility and individual accountability. I believe in small government by the people for its people. I believe in a strong national defense. I believe in lower tax for business. I believe in the family value. I believe in a strong work ethic. I believe in lower but fair taxation. Most of all, I believe in the greatness of all Americans regardless of race, nationality, or socioeconomic standing.

         I have always voted for Republican presidential candidates from Ronald Reagan to George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush. I voted for Bob Dole instead of President Clinton. I voted for John McCain instead of President Obama in 2008. However, this time, I voted to re-elect President Obama. Why did I vote to re-elect the President even though I am more a Reaganite than a Pelosian? The answer is simple: the GOP establishment keeps on offending people like me and pushing me out of their party through the Primaries and the General Election.

         I come from a very humble background in the midwest. My parents were lower middle class. I relied on subsidized school lunch, Goodwill, and church’s donations throughout my high school. Today, I am fortunate enough, through hard work, conservation, and frugality to be in the one percent. To the Pelosians, I am the greedy and evil. However, to candidate Romney, I was part of the 47 percent who waited for government handout or who would receive “gifts” from President Obama.

         Government is by the people and for the people. The President and our legislators represent us all. We can have different principles and beliefs; however, we are all Americans sharing one aspiration to make her prosper. President Reagan, Bush, and Clinton all had very different principles and beliefs. However, they spoke to all Americans. They spoke from their hearts. They represent all Americans, something that the current establishment in both parties, especially the GOP, has failed to heed in the era of Super PACs and commercialization of our sacred democratic process.
    I don’t agree to the big-government approach advocated by the Democrats. However, I voted for Obama because I know he spoke to all Americans in the last four years. The President did not drive me away simply because I am a fiscal conservative or a one “percent.”

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