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    Turbulence, violence in the Middle East

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    ' Israel will NEVER succumb to adversaries ' !


    "We do not rejoice in victories,"  "We rejoice when a new kind of cotton is grown and when strawberries bloom in Israel."      Golda Meir


          In October 73, During the highest jewish religious period yom kippur Syria and Egypt launched an unprovoked & undeclared surprise and vicious attack on Israel ! During the ensuing war 2,656 Israelis were killed and 7270 wounded. These people were from the same victims of the holocaust or at least many related to the survivors of the nazi genocide of the jewish people.
          The Israelis have never forgotten the history of what happens when you are attacked and not properly armed or trained to respond quickly and adequately to defend your loved ones and country. As a result Israel is now the most powerful and best equiped military in the region, this is the ONLY reason they still exist today. If they lower their guard for one moment millions of zealous and hateful arab muslim enemies of the jewish State would not hesitate to attack and destroy Israel like a pack of vulturistic wild animals ! This is why Israel MUST be ready and vigilant 24/7 and ready to strike fast and hard at ANY adversary planning to attack them !
          There is NO doubt that the iranian regime would do so if given the slightest opportunity ! ahmadinejad and khamenei have repeatedly stated that Israel is an illegal country and needs to be eradicated. They have long financed and supplied weapons to hezbollah and hamas encouraging aggression towards Israel from it's northern and southern borders. If this occurred in ANY other countries they would respond mercilessly to defend themselves and that is precisely what Israel has done since it became a State accepted by MOST countries.
          There is NO actual evidence that iran is developing nuclear weapons, but Netanyahu should be taken seriously when he said at the UN recently " Imagine al qaeda with nukes " Therefore the World has a choice...support Israel or risk another massive mid-east war only next time and I hope it NEVER happens there is a strong possibiliy that Israel will be compelled to use nuclear deterrent !
          There is NO easy answer here. Israel has repeatedly gone out of it's way to compromise with the palestinians for the sake of peace, only to be met with endless rocket attacks by hamas ! What are the Israelis supposed to do surrender ? it's NOT going to happen and we all realise that !
          Israel wants peace, they have demonstrated this all along, if it didn't they would not have given the gaza strip back to the palestinians. Ever since they did they have endured constant attacks and aggression from there !
    It's time for the palestinians, the egyptians., iranians,etc to decide once and for all...make peace with their Israeli neighbors or suffer the consequences, because no matter how brazen, voiciferous or armed they may be, Israel has an amazing weapon that is unique...the undisputed BEST air force in the World outside of the US where many trained with America's top guns...they will use that air force to crush their enemies if necessary !


    Footnote: In all christian bibles it clearly shows the isaraelites where there thousands of years ago, before and after ther romans occupation, during that period the palestinians where nomadic bedouins,etc so the jews NEVER stole or occupied someone elses land ! palestine was invaded and occupied by many different armies, like turkey and britain for example long after the jews settled there ! The arabs/muslims have huge areas of land and could easily absorb the palestinians in their own State like jordan and lebanon did long ago and the saudis have so much wealth they alone could support the palestinians and build nice housiong for those in the refugee camps IF they cared and really wanted to ! The iranian regime prefers to antagonise and provoke Israel by supporting it's enemies such as hamas and hezbollah, so it should be obvious what is happening here, Israel is surrounded by jew hating hostile nations whose ONLY real agenda is the destruction of the jewish State even though they don't seem to realise or just choose to ignore the fact that they will be eradicated completely if Israel is attacked in force again ! Israel is so well armed, trained and ready for ANY confrontation that it doesn't need outside help, but it is in the interests of the World to ascertain that Israel is NOT attacked by it's enemies and those who doubt this are either naive or stupid ! It's NOT just the Israeli palestiunian conflict here folks...there are those who will ALWAYS hate and side against the jews, be it in Israel, America or Europe, where neo-naziism is now as bad as it was in pre-WW2 ! Israel is not merely a jewish State, it is the LAST and ONLY refuge for jews on the Planet who do NOT want to live in countries where they are despised,etc...The days jews would go calmy to their fate at the mercy of fascist despots are long over now they will, if necessary fight to the last person to defend and protect themselves ! I am an impartial journalist and do NOT take sides but it is clear and obvious that the palestinians, syrians, egyptians, iranians, etc do NOT want peace no matter how much Israel compromises with them ! Even if Israel was eventually destroyed or moved to say Arizona or Nevada,etc where jews would then have to contend with other haters such as neo-nazis and US muslims,etc. the arab/muslims would then resort to killing each other if they occupied what was Israel as we see in iraq and afghanistan and elsewhere daily ! And terrorism would then only increase because the islamic fanatics would then not have Israel as a scapegoat and would focus on America and Europe,etc because their ultimate aim is World domination under their methods and ways !

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