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    Posted November 16, 2012 by

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    Yesterday another pod of Risso's dolphins were hunted down in Japan again . This large pod of dolphins with babies were chased for over 6 hours relentlessly by the so called fishermen - they did at one point manage to escape after around 4 hours - tired terrified and hungry and once again the so called fishermen went back after them. It took a total of around 6 hours to finally get them in the killing cove where once again they were brutally slaughtered - and just like a few days ago they tossed the babies back out to sea - the babies will most certainly die after the grueling hunt and the loss of their mothers. This has to be a new low even for these monsters who kill dolphins - by throwing these babies back to sea alone - traumatized - exhausted and unable to live without their mothers ........ they know this and yet show no remorse or any kind of humility towards these amazing beings. Why could they not have at least let the mothers and calfs go ........? This shows you the level of greed that these barbaric humans shall go to, surely there is some kind of law against this?
    Why does Greenpeace or any of the wildlife associations step in to stop this especially when mothers and babies are involved??????
    They are raping OUR oceans of everything that passes Taiji and yet the world looks on and allows this practice to continue. WHY?
    Where is the media - this is worldwide news and yet not one media station appeared after numerous requests to do so.
    Are the media afraid of Taiji? Why are they not getting involved? This is not tradition - we know this - it only started in the 70's ..... The captive industry has to take a portion of the blame here to as Taiji is ground zero for captive dolphin trade and if these parks keep requesting dolphins and whales then this is the result of their actions.
    I am very saddened and angry today as i stayed with this pod all night (my time ) along with others and of course the dedicated Cove Guardians who live streamed the hunt and the killing in the cove.
    The world really needs to wake up to what is happening out there and get involved - there will be various rallies starting around the world in the next few days as we really need to make the world and Japan wake up to the reality of what they are doing and in this day and age and can no longer be doing!!
    When Japan had their traumatic tsunami the world got together to help fund the Japanese people who lost everything - if this happens again i really believe the people of the world will not be so quick to send funds to Japan and quite rightly so - until this practice stops no one will trust Japan to honor anything they say - it has also been put forward that 30,000,000 dollars of the tsunami relief fund has gone to the scientific whaling fleet while the japanese people are still struggling to put their lives back together - even among their own people it seems there is no honor!!!
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