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    Posted November 16, 2012 by
    San Diego, California
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    Lincoln was a pure man, far above any deceit or dishonest act but he managed to finagle and use patronage to bribe enough lawmakers to make sure his beloved 13th Amendment to end slavery was passed by the House of Representatives.

    This is but just one of the many interesting things learned in the most fascinating of movies, Steven Spielberg's Lincoln.. In a bit of counter-marketing genius, Dreamworks released their prestige Spielberg production on the very same weekend as the last Twilight debuts. While all the kids and crazed teens flock to the vampire show and create midnight madness at the movies, Lincoln attracts a more "mature" and ":thoughtful" crowd. Which is code word for "old." But who cares when this Oscar-buzzed Lincoln is so entrancingly detailed and the acting is so wonderfully perfect.

    The angels of our better nature surely shined on our 16th President. Despite the dire times and personal crisis endured by the Lincoln, he managed to expertly steer the ship of state and save the union.

    While politics is not always a pretty sight, it is what this film is all about. The dirty business of trading support for patronage jobs; backroom deals and threats; and most assuredly, a vision that Lincoln is able to keep in sight--a Union that survives despite the stench of slavery.

    Some scenes in the film cry out of piety or platitudes. Mary Lincoln, expertly portrayed by Sally Field, comes across as a vain, morose, complaining woman--a wife that our saintly Lincoln tolerates and accommodates.

    The crowd at the screening I was at was reverential towards the subject matter. Towards the end, when the President readies himself to attend the theater where he will be assassinated, a feeling of dread comes over the crowd at the AMC I am at. When the film ends and the credits roll, the audience breaks out in strong applause.

    No, this is not a feel-good movie. But it is about getting a glimpse into the immortal soul of a great man that saved our country. Too often politics is a game played by men of low character and lower integrity. Not so here with Lincoln. Politics is a manipulation that adept players on a national level leverage during the Civil War to rid our country of the scourge of slavery and reunite and reconstruct the South after their surrender.

    Daniel Day-Lewis is fabulous and deserves every accolade that comes his way. The rest of the cast is just as superb. Do not let all the hubbub out there about Twilight blind you to the most magnanimous movie to grace a screen, perhaps ever.

    Thank you to Steven Spielberg for this supremely glorious film.

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