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    Laval, Quebec

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    The Rundown, Setups and Deception


    A video clip that illustrates a setup and deception, a psychological manipulation.



    Psychological Manipulation


    Criminal Harassment Network Routines, Strategies, and Smear Campaigns


    criminal  harassment network routines, strategies, and smear campaigns that  involves psychological manipulation, technology, and uttering threats.


    Criminal Harassment Network Strategy (Abuse Strategy)


    According  to Marie-France Hirigoyen psychiatrist the intent of many emotional  abusers is to systematically "destabilize" and confuse their victims  (with irrational, threatening behavior that preys on the victim's fears  and self-doubts), to isolate and control them and ultimately to destroy  their identity, and often emotional abuse builds over a long period of  time until it becomes so unbearable that victims lash out in frustration  and anger aka hitting back, only to appear unstable and aggressive  themselves, which could be linked to or the cause of rage shooting and  rampages.


    Often,  emotional abuse builds over a long period of time until it becomes so  unbearable that victims lash out in frustration and anger, only to  appear unstable and aggressive themselves. -- This, according to  Hirigoyen, is the intent of many abusers: to systematically  "destabilize" and confuse their victims (with irrational, threatening  behavior that preys on the victim's fears and self-doubts), to isolate  and control them and ultimately to destroy their identity. --  psychiatrist Marie-France Hirigoyen, author of Le harcèlement moral


    Criminal Harassment Network Strategy (Damage, Provocation, Rampage)


    Pushing  people to violence consist of abuse or inflicting a damage, financial  loss, homelessness, smear campaign and criminal record, serious illness  and cancer, fear linked to honor and repetitive humiliation, and using  provocation to push people to aggressiveness, looking deranged or  enraged, or violence. Any resulting violence is used to repress the  targeted citizen and any rage shooting is used to advocating gun  control, a defenseless population, which makes citizen more vulnerable  to abuse, hidden abuse, or subjugation through organized crime.


    A Criminal Harassment Network Routine (Repetitive Humiliation)


    A  routine example is that I would go to a grocery store when highly sleep  deprived through sound technology (HSS Hypersonic Sound), criminal  harassment participants would mix in with other shoppers and use  different forms of threats and provocation to induce stress and  adrenaline, try to stand directly behind me at the cash register, and  interpret the adrenaline and voice fluctuations as fear "you're scared",  which is linked to fear and honor, and attempts at repetitive  humiliation.


    A Criminal Harassment Network Routine (Psychiatric Intervention)


    Criminal  Allegations of uttering threats are combined with powerful radar  assaults and assessment orders for non-criminal responsibility before  trial. The threat of intervention is linked to behavior that can be used  to justify psychiatric intervention that leads to incarceration during  the long and delayed criminal proceedings. The behavior linked to taking  protective measures against the powerful radar assaults through  attenuation materials and a person's personal and household hygiene that  begins to suffers due to attempts to avoid these. The criminal  harassment network routine of threats to induce adrenaline and cortisol,  trying to standing directly behind the victim at the cash register, and  interpret the voice fluctuations as fear is changed to threats of  psychiatric intervention that leads to incarceration, participants  trying to smell the victim, saying "he smells bad", and criminal  harassment participants theater or pretense that they are undercover  psychiatrist who wants to intervene and incarcerate the victim of  criminal harassment.


    Criminal Harassment Network Smear Campaign Strategy ("Run Away or Get Cancer")


    After  allegations of uttering threats and an assessment order for  non-criminal responsibility before trial the targeted citizen is  assaulted with powerful radar with criminal harassment participants  saying "run away or get cancer". When the targeted citizen runs away  they are recaptured and incarcerated for the assessment order and during  the criminal proceedings, isolated.


    Criminal Harassment Network Smear Campaign Strategy (Uttering Threats)


    One  psychological manipulation that criminal harassment participants try to  do is to try to lead the targeted citizen to believe that if they act  aggressive the participants will be fearful, which is combined with the  criminal harassment networks routine of attempting to induce fear and  interpret voice fluctuations as fear, and linked to manipulating the  targeted citizen into reacting to this through aggressiveness and their  own attempts to induce fear in return. It is a psychological  manipulation and attempt at conditioning towards an aggressive response  or retaliation from threats, which is supposed to eventually lead to  more aggressive behavior and uttering threats, and the crime of uttering  threats is linked to the smear campaign strategy.


    Repression  of Workplace Psychological Harassment Knowledge Linked to Criminal  Harassment Networks? - (Repression, Knowledge, Human Right Defenders)


    One  strategy of workplace psychological harassment is to engage in this  behavior and emotional abuse in attempts to destabilize an employee so  that they lash-out in anger only to look deranged and aggressive,  through violence, uttering threats, sabotage, etc., to get rid of them.  The strategy of criminal harassment networks are very similar but  instead of an employer being the "workplace police" and getting rid of  the employee the city police are the ones who file criminal allegations  towards the victim of criminal harassment. These criminal harassment  networks use criminal harassment and psychological manipulation in  attempts to use the criminal allegation charge of of uttering threats  for any targeted citizen that lashes out in this way or is manipulated  towards this behavior, similar to the workplace psychological harassment  strategy. This strategy may be one of the explanations for why  workplace psychological harassment knowledge and human right defenders  who document these issues are targeted, repressed, inflicted with  cancer, etc.,. Any resulting violence is used to repress the targeted  citizen and any rage shooting is used to advocate gun control. (see Rage  Shooting Factors)

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