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    Posted November 19, 2012 by
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    Israel-Gaza conflict: Your stories

    lies of hamas

    hamas fires "grad" missles to israel for as long as i can remmember.
    when i was young i my teachers and family always told me that arabics are also people,they have familys too and i should learn to pe patient and understand and try to make peace with them.
    but later on i learned that the arabic children are tought to make war not peace.
    when they first started firing to sderot and to "otef gaza" (the city's that are near gaza).
    i thought maybe thay will stop but truth is thay didnt.
    in 2006 we got into war against hizballa from lebanon,i live in the north of israel near haifa,i remmember my uncles from nahariya came to us and said it will be ok but it will only got worst from there..
    the was lasted about a month or so if i remember corectly but for a 10 year old chiled it was frightning.
    now think there are children in the south who are dealing with this on a daylie basis,would you like your chiled to live in fear?
    i remember being scared that my parents will get hurt because they worked during the war.
    how would you feel if your kid called you up in the middle of the day and said "dady/mommy im scared i heared a missle fell near your work are you ok? im worried please come home"
    and this call is not just one in a year there are many of them.
    and how would you feel if you were afraid to get on the bus because maybe it will blow up because of some terrorist?
    i dont know about you but i want to leave a peacefull as i can,i want to be able to go to a mall and hang out with my friends and not worry the mall might blow up!
    and about gaza right now.
    in the decloration of indipendence david ben gurion said that this will be a jewish land.
    but he gave Citizenship to all arabs who stayed in israel and didnt run away.
    israel got sinay from egypt and gaza and yehuda and shomron from jordan. israel gave back sinay to egypt and offered gaza to Jordan but they didnt want to take them back.
    the palastiniens that live in gaza dont want peace,they want israel gone from the map and if they will get they'r wish they will not stop there i promise you jews are just the first target.
    and why is israel killing innocent children and people?
    well she is not..hamas uses children and pregnant ladys as human shields to make israely soldires not shot.
    israel doesnt attack out of the blue..all of her attackes are only ar statigik points that are centrals for terrorism.
    on the other hand hamas shots her missle every where,she wants to heart and kill innocent humans its her goal and porpouse of being.
    so i think that after al this time of suffering from hamas hits its time to defend herself.
    any other country would have done that yerars ago and with much more "innocent victims" on the side of hamas.
    i am about to join the army soon,i will be happy if we will be able to reach peace with gaza,but if not i will be proud to wear israely uniform and protect my country.
    i will do my best to make sure gaza wont get her way and erasing this country from the map.
    oh and the man we first killed was responsible for the kidnap of our soldier gilad shalit,what other country will trade hundred or even thousends of terorist captives for one single soldier?
    and you know the terorist we hold in prison in israel are given israely univercity degree?
    do you think an unhuman country will do such think?
    paying for her enemys education?
    and there is no such think as "palastine"
    there was never an aotonomic country managed by arabs that was called palastine,cheack any legitement history book.
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