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    Posted November 19, 2012 by
    Toronto, Ontario
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    Retiring Seniors in Today's Society


    How are Seniors being treated in the community?


    As people grow old and ready to retire, they highly depend on individuals and groups who work in the community to help them feel like they’ve lived a full life. Retired people have many services ready for them. Instead of retired parents living with their children, they have retirement homes set up in their local community. Caregivers are available to help take care of the elderly. Seniors are entitled to a pension plan that pays around $500-$600 a month for basic needs. However, this payment is not enough for needs, such as food and medication. Community Care Access Centres are also available to provide care options to seniors who live alone. Many services are given to those who are retiring within the community. However, more services can be provided to help seniors with the amount of money they pay. Due to the pension plan, they are unable to pay for most of their basic needs and therefore need alternative ways to pay. The community can help seniors who are struggling to pay for basic needs by getting a group together to contribute and donate money to help seniors get discounts on food products.


    What we can we do to help Seniors?

    A couple of years ago Canada has taken the retirement law off. At the age of 65 all Canadian citizens would be force to retire; but as of today one can work as long as they want too. Seniors that currently retire have a hard time living due to their pension. A pension is a consistent payment made during a person's retirement from an investment account to which that person or their employer has funded during their working life. Seniors would get about 500-600 a month to pay everything off, which included their rental payment, food, clothes, medication etc. Newer products are been formed and are getting quite expensive to afford. Some seniors chose medication over food now days since it’s harder for them to afford anything. As a community we should take responsibility and give seniors a better environment to live in. If our community can reduce the tax just for seniors it would help their lives drastically. We should provide a card for the senior citizen and have them get discounts on almost everything. Children should be able to support their parents at all times; it would be convenient to the senior parents. In order for this to work, a new law should be created which is, all children must support their parents at any situation.


    How can we stand up for the aging population?


    The general aging population in Toronto has significantly increased and will continue to in the near future. In a couple years time there will be more seniors than ever before in Toronto. Out of the entire population of Toronto, 558, 925 people are above the age of 55. This means that the government is going to have to prepare for the needs of these seniors that are retired and will be retiring. Basic things like pensions, medical care and shelter are the services that the government will be providing. Based on the senior’s meager pension plan of $500-$600 do we honestly think its enough to pay for all the needs listed above? Are we prepared? Are the seniors going to be able to live up to all their retirement dreams? The answer to these questions is a “no”. With Canada’s pension plan and the increase in the cost of living universally, the seniors won’t even have enough to eat. Even today many retired seniors living in poverty have to choose between food and medication. Based on a general morality, should we have to force these seniors who have provided significant services to our country into poverty? Does Canada’s pension plan make sense? To prevent this from happening when we retire, we need to stand up for the aging population now. Let’s make the change that the older populations believe we can!

    Please vote to help these seniors at: http://www.avivacommunityfund.org/ideas/acf15890

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